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Observatoire Restaurant: A Spectacular View

By Dana Fleuricharles + Photo by Mackinley “Spex” Madhere Nothing says welcome better than a spectacular view of the city and at the Observatoire Restaurant,...

El Rancho Hotel Haiti

Hotel Roi Christophe

Hôtel Villa Thérèse


Labouyi Bannan Recipe

Labouyi Bannan Labouyi Bannan is the Haitian name for plantain porridge.Haitians love to eat Labouyi Bannan for breakfast because its ingredients aresweet tasting and provide...

Dous Makos Recipe

Dous Makos Dous Makos is a type of Haitian fudge that includes layers of vanilla and chocolate in it. It is also prepared with red...

Haitian Ginger Tea Recipe

Haitian Marinade Recipe

Banan Peze Recipe

Haitian Potato Salad Recipe


Tiny Teeth Truths

By Irwine Sainvil, DDS, MS DIPLOMATE OF AMERICAN BOARD OF PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY What causes tooth decay? Tooth decay (or dental caries) is a multifactorial process that can result...
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The New Owner of Kaliko Beach Club and Ibo Lele, the Paret Family, Urges Haitians to Come Back Home and Invest in Haiti

By Shelly-Ann Parkinson + Photos by Mackinley ‘Spex’ Madhere “You can have a vision, but when it comes time to write a check to the vision,...

Kiyès Ki J. Perry