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Papillon Enterprise, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Number Seven Things to Do in All of Haiti By Skite Polis Imagine being in a place where your money is valued and, at the same...


Labouyi Bannan Recipe

Labouyi Bannan Labouyi Bannan is the Haitian name for plantain porridge.Haitians love to eat Labouyi Bannan for breakfast because its ingredients aresweet tasting and provide...

Dous Makos Recipe

Dous Makos Dous Makos is a type of Haitian fudge that includes layers of vanilla and chocolate in it. It is also prepared with red...

Haitian Ginger Tea Recipe

Haitian Marinade Recipe

Banan Peze Recipe

Haitian Potato Salad Recipe


The 5 Golden Rules of Perfect Oral Health

by Dr. Franklin Casthely, former Harvard University Instructor Recognize the importance of good dental hygiene. We are what we eat. That notion should never be underestimated. Prioritize...
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Miss Universe 1st Runner-Up 2016 Raquel Pelissier

By Marie-Junie Pierre @winterjuneb Photographer @carlosvelezfoto MUA & Hair @victoriadukebeauty Styling @lacasahermosa On January 30, 2017, Haiti, once crowned “La Perle Des Antilles” made headlines when our very...

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Plantar Fasciitis

Irwine Sainvil, MS, DDS