Friday, December 2, 2022

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The Hernia Institute of North Miami Beach by Joseph Surgery

Romane Joseph, MD HERNIA A protrusion, bulge, or projection of an organ or part of an organ through the body wall that normally contains it. You can...

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The Art of Wine Tasting with Kassandra Ceneas

By Alex Popa Kassandra Ceneas is a sommelier, one of the rarest professions in the world. From harvesting to the crushing, pressing, and fermentation of...
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Haitian Chicken Recipe

Haitian Chicken Haitian chicken could mean many different things, such asHaitian fried chicken and Haitian stewed chicken. The traditional Haitianchicken recipe is basically a chicken...

Akra Recipe

Haitian Cake Recipe

Young Haitians

Marsee Richard: Loving Herself, Just the Way She is

By Alex Popa Marsee Richard is a lifelong practitioner of self-love, a principle she imparts to her audience and everyone else she meets. Her Haitian...
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