Sunday, October 1, 2023

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Philanthropic Entrepreneur, Title and Insurance Expert, Andre Guy Farreau Shares His Success Story

By Martine St. Hilaire + Photos by Mackinley “Spex” Madhere Ever since Andre Guy Farreau moved to South Florida, he’s been helping individuals solve their...

Shop Haitian

Paradi’s Kremas: A Taste of Divine Haitian Kremas with Loyola Philogene

By Alex Popa Paradi’s Kremas is an authentic Haitian crème liqueur created by Loyola Philogene, a young entrepreneur looking to provide high-quality products to her...
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Food Recipes


Haitian Potato Salad Recipe

Haitian Potato Salad There are many ways you can make Haitian potato salad.One popular way is to add beets to the salad. Beets, of course,...

Labouyi Bannan Recipe

Farm to Table Haiti

Young Haitians

Art At Its Finest with Sylvie Bien-Aimé

By Alex Popa Sylvie Bien Aimé can be described in two words: gifted artist. Her life revolves around art and its many manifestations. In a...
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