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Cyndie Lundy’s Rise in the World of Acting

By Alex Popa + Photos by Jean Lovensky Cyndie Lundy was born in Haiti and moved to Santo Domingo in 2010. Since her early years,...

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Dr. Claude A. Innocent Successfully Represents Haiti Through Medical Practice

By Martine St. Hilaire Claude Alain Innocent, M.D. was born in New York but grew up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti most of his life. Dr. Innocent...

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Chicmoiselle Boutique – Where Customer Satisfaction Is Everything – with Carla, Cassandra, and Phanyola

By Alex Popa “We aim to make our customers happy with our goods, so they feel comfortable wearing our clothes and using our hair products,” OFFICIAL...
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Food Recipes


Haitian Drinks

Caribbean drinks are known for their fruit and alcohol-based ingredients. The tropical drinks you will find in Haiti contain Barbancourt rum and a variety...

Vladymir Acloque

Haitian Bread Recipe

Young Haitians

A Male Model’s Confessions – Harley Petit Frere

By Alex Popa Harley Petit Frere is a genuine, multitalented Haitian with a bright career and even brighter goals. Haitian-born, he admits that his path...
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