Friday, April 19, 2024

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A Story of Success and Inspiration – Samantha Kersaint

By Alex Popa + Photos by @Clarkstudio_official and @castro_photography_ + Makeup @biloy_official  Samantha Kersaint is a native Haitian with an amazing life and outstanding goals....

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Dr. Claude A. Innocent Successfully Represents Haiti Through Medical Practice

By Martine St. Hilaire Claude Alain Innocent, M.D. was born in New York but grew up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti most of his life. Dr. Innocent...

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Delightful Vibes: From Mundane to Extraordinary with Cynthia Lestrade

By Alex Popa Delightful Vibes is a place that "makes the ordinary extraordinary," according to Cynthia. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: HERE Cynthia Lestrade owns Delightful Vibes, an online store...
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Food Recipes


Macaroni au Gratin Recipe

Macaroni au Gratin Macaroni au Gratin is not just made one way. Haitians from different regions of the country will add a few of their...

Haitian Rice and Beans Recipe

Djon Djon Recipe

Young Haitians

The Power of Hard Work with Jeff Saint Dic

By Alex Popa Jeff Saint Dic is Haiti-born, coming from Port-au-Prince, and currently living in Everett, Massachusetts. His upbringing was one of hardship and struggle,...
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