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Future Psychologist Extraordinaire – Stessa Etienne

By Alex Popa

Stessa Etienne was born in Port-au-Prince and currently lives in Petion-Ville in Haiti. She hasn’t yet left her native country, but her spirit isn’t bound by geography. Stessa is a free soul whose sole purpose in life is self-improvement and becoming the best she can be.

As she states herself, “I am not directly inspired by a single person but by everything around me that can influence my values, interests, and personal aspirations.” She is always ready to learn and improve, which she believes will end up turning her into a better person.

Work and Education

Stessa Etienne currently studies psychology at Notre Dame D’Haiti since this is a field that has always interested her. On the one hand, it allows her to learn more about herself and how her psyche, emotions, and mind work. On the other hand, studying psychology is a doorway toward understanding and empathizing with other people, which is a necessity in so many fields of work.

She strives to become a prominent psychologist one day because it is a domain that she enjoys very much, but she also flirts with finances and doesn’t reject the idea of pursuing that avenue one day as well. This qualifies her as a resourceful, determined, and competent young lady with big dreams and the potential to turn them into reality.

View on Life

Stessa Etienne is a colorful and vibrant personality with a deeper understanding of life and a unique and unbending attitude toward the notion of personal success. She aims to become a person of great influence in the psychology field, aiming to help Haitians and people everywhere connect with their emotions and psyches better than ever before.

She believes that you cannot change the world without an ounce of self-understanding and reflection and before changing yourself first, which is why her journey is part of a self-development effort first and foremost. When it comes to her most prized goals and pursuits, she is very clear: “I really wish (…) to bring calm and color into people’s lives. I also think of creating a safer and more conducive environment for change and fighting to dispel this bad conception that Haitians have about psychology in general. Show them the importance of self-reflection, honesty, and acceptance and how to take these into account in their daily lives.”

How She Helps Haiti and Haitians

While Stessa acknowledges the many unique cultures that are present around the globe, she also recognizes that Haiti is one of them. She intends to remain in Haiti even if given the opportunity to leave. And if she is to ever leave, she will only do that to “go and learn and then bring my knowledge back to Haiti.”

Her message follows the same idea when addressing the Haitian youth: “The best that a young person can do to help Haiti is to learn, to enrich themselves in all possible areas, and return to serve the country.” This is for the purpose of preserving Haiti’s heritage and culture and spreading its unique vibe and charm throughout the world.

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