Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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COMING SOON: Sept. 30th, Shop Haitian Edition

Do you have an online store?

Deadline to Enter: Sept. 15th

Local: 305-842-3555
Toll-free: 844-424-8467

6 Reasons to be in the SHOP DIRECTORY GUIDE Edition

#1. Magazine publication

  • Your store in the print magazine (ex. HERE)
  • Your store in the digital magazine (ex. HERE)
  • One page (ex. HERE), Two pages (ex. HERE)

#2. Shop Haitian Directory

  • Online destination directory (ex. HERE)
  • Permanent article on the site (ex. HERE)
  • Part of the directory permanently (ex. HERE)

#3. Celebrity promo

  • Rutshelle will post on IG one-a-week
  • Weekly posts to promote Shop Haitian
  • Weekly repost with L’Union Suite and others

#4. Magazine release event

  • To launch campaign (attending optional)
  • Come chat about your store at the event
  • Quick video interview for each store owner

#5. Online banners

  • Banners on (ex. HERE)
  • Banner on the Rankontre app (ex. HERE)
  • 1,000 Daily Ad Impressions for 90 Days

#6. Holiday campaign

  • $100 a day on FB + IG ads
  • $100 a day on YT + Google ads
  • $6,000 budget from November to December
  • The magazine will spend $6,000 to promote the directory landing page, HERE

ABOUT THE EDITION: The annual Shop Haitian Guide is intended to help the magazine promote Haitian-owned online store owners during the busy holiday shopping season.

ABOUT THE LANDING PAGE: This super landing page will randomly rotate all participating stores at equal intervals. Just choose a featured product photo, short description, and call to action, and we’ll link it to your online store.

COST TO YOU: $500 – The fee covers the full-page ad inside the print/digital magazine, which automatically adds you to the super landing page. You can make a $300 deposit in August and pay the $200 balance by September 30th.

COUPON: We advise all participating stores to create a “Haiti Open” coupon code to track their campaign’s success. 


1. Tell us about your store

  • Complete the form below
  • Send your website’s URL and photos
  • We will write the 500-word article for you

2. Cost to you: $500

  • Pay $500 in full using this LINK
  • Make a $300 deposit using this LINK
  • Pay $1,000 for 2 pages using this LINK


Fill out the application below and attach a photo of yourself and up to 3 product photos. 

Thank you for considering advertising with us. 

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Do you have an online store?