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Pwoteje’m – Fatima Altieri: A Life in an Album

By Khainna Sejour and Alex Popa + Photos by Maybeline Despagne

Fatima Altieri is a proud Haitian with a clear mind and an artist’s heart. She knows what it’s like to struggle for a better life and never forgets where she comes from. Her modesty keeps her feet on the ground, giving her a sense of accomplishment every day.

Fatima says her life changed dramatically after she moved to the States. The relocation provided her with opportunities that she would never have found in Haiti — and she made sure they didn’t go to waste.

A Career in Music

Fatima admits says life as a musician isn’t easy, especially in the beginning. You need connections, reputation, money, and support to make it in the industry. She lacked all of these. Later, she discovered that no challenge could beat dedication, discipline, and hard work.

The early days were marked by a lot of work and almost no returns. But as fate would have it, she eventually had a breakthrough. Being acknowledged as a valuable artist in the music industry is a real achievement, and Fatima doesn’t take it for granted.

 “My growth and evolvement as a human being inspired me,” she says. “Along with all the challenges I faced, mountains I’ve climbed, and my many failures along the way.” Fortunately, she pushed through and got to the point where she can now call herself an accomplished artist.

The Upcoming Album

Fatima is a musician and a writer whose art is an expression of her achievements, strengths, and weaknesses. Her upcoming album is the purest distillation of that notion.

As she put it, her new album isn’t just a reflection of her artistic side, but of her personality and life as a whole.

“There’s one song on the album that is my favorite,” she says. “It is personal to me as well, a real-life story, so I decided to name the album after the song. It made sense in my head.”

She also believes the album tells her story, the way she’s lived her life, and that it will provide people with a doorway into her soul.

“I feel like the ones who know me will discover a new me. The ones who don’t know me will become curious to know more.”

Fatima couldn’t be happier about her professional accomplishments, but she admits there’s still room to grow. Her upcoming album, Pwoteje’m (Protect Me), contains at least 10 tracks and is a narrative of feminine strength and determination.

“The general vibe is inspiring and fun at the same time,” she says.

Right now, Fatima is signed with Lux Media & Marketing (Abdias Laguerre’s publishing company for the past two years). She’s grateful for the opportunity to work with a talented team of artists who inspire her to grow every day.

Fatima has no plan to stop and believes the future has much in store for her. Her upcoming album is just the first step.

What’s next for Fatima?

If you ask her what the next few years will hold, Fatima keeps her cards close to her chest. She hopes to collaborate with other artists (plans are in the works), produce more songs, release a new album, and grow as a woman and an artist. She also wants to produce more music videos with better visuals and a more professional artistic touch.

Fatima Altieri’s Message to Haitian Youth

Fatima believes anyone can follow in her footsteps. She grew up in some of Haiti’s poorest neighborhoods but has managed to overcome adversity through hard work, discipline, and a never-say-die attitude.

Her artistic accomplishments send a clear message to Haitian youth. “Dream big and work hard to bring your dreams to reality.”

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