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QueenVS – An Inspiring Content Creator

By Alex Popa

QueenVS is a Canadian-born artist who discovered her talent and passion for music by drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson. QueenVS considers herself fortunate because nobody in her family has a background in art or music.

Despite that, she grew an immense love for music and started taking singing classes at the age of 7. Music makes her feel complete and safe and allows her to express herself in unique and creative ways.

But there’s more. “As much as I love making music selfishly for my enjoyment, I intend to share a more revolutionary message with my fellow Haitians worldwide.”

Career and Plans for the Future

QueenVS considers herself to be a self-made artist. She started out making funny skits about Haiti that went viral. This opened the door to more opportunities, such as a spot on Success Junior’s Comedy Tour. After that performance, Junior invited her to Dania Improv in Florida, which gave her more valuable experience.

Queen also gained acting chops via her IG and TikTok videos. This eventually led to her directing her French miniseries, “Penser a voix haute” (“Thinking out loud”).

QueenVS has several projects in the works, including a new video for her remixed song “Ne m’apelle plus.” She was also invited to join the cast of a Canadian TV show, Natyf TV, which she hopes will propel her career into the highest spheres.


Hobbies and Personal Occupations

Outside of her professional work, QueenVS enjoys cooking, eating, going to the spa, and, of course, writing songs and honing her musical skills. Her ultimate goal is to make money by doing what she loves. This way, she believes, you don’t have to work a day in your life. She hates the routine work life: “My 9-5 is a limitation to my creativity.”

Other than that, QueenVS believes nothing is more important than family, so she always finds time to be with her loved ones, even if it requires regular travel to see them. She says the effort is worth it because her family recharges her batteries and inspires her endeavors.

How to be a Role Model for the Younger Generation

QueenVS believes she’s talented and fortunate, and that she’s had to work hard to get to where she is. She says this is the secret to success. Talent without work will simply go to waste.


If she were to give young Haitians one piece of advice, it would be this: “Haitian solidarity is all we got. ‘L’Union Fait la Force’ is our motto, and it’s not to be taken lightly.”

She believes people should inspire and support one another because few have it easy in life. For most of the world, success only comes after lifelong struggle — if it ever comes. That’s why QueenVS’s mission is to grow as a person and an artist and inspire youth to follow her example along the way.

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