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Barbancourt – Haitian Rum

Rhum Barbancourt is a legendary brand of alcoholic beverage created in Haiti. Established in 1862 by Dupre Barbancourt, the Rhum is over 150 years old now, and the original manufacturing method remains the same. Thanks to a double distillation method and a unique aging procedure, Rhum Barbancourt has an excellent and unequaled flavor.

In this article, we’ll explore the origins of Rhum Barbancourt, what makes it a unique beverage, and what ingredients it contains. Bringing everything together, we’re left with one of the most renowned rum brands in the world. Its flavor and aroma are almost unmatched, even today, thanks to several manufacturing techniques envisioned by the company founder.

Barbancourt - Haitian Rum
Barbancourt – Haitian Rum

What Makes Barbancourt Rhum Different?

Most rums today are made from molasses, which are residual particles from the sugar-refining process. Naturally, molasses is less pure and flavorful, leading to a mediocre beverage. Rhum Barbancourt, on the other hand, contains only pure sugar cane juice. Sugar cane has a richer flavor, with a wider diversity of aromas, leading to a tastier beverage that’ll bring joy to your taste buds!

This aspect alone makes a world of difference when it comes to taste, but Dupre Barbancourt didn’t stop there. Inspired by the French cognac distillation methods, he tried to distill his Rhum twice, something no one had ever done before. Needless to say, this method produced a much more flavorful rum, with a profound aroma and a richer palate.

The final touch is the aging process, where the Rhum Barbancourt is stored in oak barrels for several years. When it sees the light of day again, its flavor will have matured with hints of oak. Now, it’s finally ready to hit the shelves and enrich your palate with a refined Haitian Rhum flavor. Clink your glasses and enjoy a taste of veritable Haitian culture!

Natural Ingredients

Like I said before, Rhum Barbancourt contains pure sugarcane juice from organic sugarcane grown in company-owned fields. The Barbancourt distillery, also known as the Societe du Rhum Barbancourt, is Haiti’s leading brand of rum. Naturally, they grow their sugarcane themselves, ensuring the ingredients are grown organically to reach perfect quality.

Nowadays, there are many flavors of Rhum Barbancourt – spiced with mango, ananas, bananas, and other exotic fruits. Initially, Reserve du Domaine was its only and finest product to be sold publicly in the 1960s. Ever since then, the company has experimented with other flavors and created a variety of products. But its original recipe remains the same to this day!

A History of Alcoholic Success

Barbancourt - Haitian Rum
Barbancourt – Haitian Rum

What is now one of the best-known Haitian companies in the world started in 1862, in the hands of a French emigrant to Haiti. Dupre Barbancourt came from the cognac-producing region of Charente, so he knew his way around alcoholic beverages. At the end of 1862, he had already created the Barbancourt company and started selling his first products.

After he died, his wife, Nathalie Gardere, and her nephew, Paul Gardere, took the company reins. Throughout the years, the Gardere family line was responsible for the modernization, technological development, and expansion of the company. What was once a cottage-run rum industry turned into one of the biggest producers of Haitian Rhum worldwide.

As we speak, the company is in the hands of Delphine Gardere, the daughter of Thierry Gardere, the former CEO who died in 2017. Delphine is the second woman to ever be at the company helm since Nathalie Gardere, the wife of Dupre Barbancourt. Based on her claims, she dreams of taking the family business to new peaks of success and enrich the Haitian Rhum experience further.

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