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DugG’s Journey to Musical Excellence

By Alex Popa + Photos by @smallgphotography

DugG is a unique artist with a rich Haitian heritage and the heart of a musician. He’s also a businessman who sees the music industry as a career opportunity rather than a place for hobbies. But life hasn’t always been kind to DugG.

His upbringing was anything but peaceful and fulfilling. His family had to deal with a lot of hardships. While he’s now in a better place financially and from a career standpoint, he never forgets what made him into the man and artist he is today.

“I’m a musician by anointing.”

Artistic Upbringing and Career Accomplishments

DugG considers his passion for music as a calling. It’s what he’s meant to do. “I’m a musician by anointing,” he says. “It’s just like a pastor that God has called to his service. I’d also say that music is mystical.”

DugG admits his road hasn’t always been smooth. He was underestimated by everyone, ignored, and given few chances when he was trying to make a name for himself. The music industry is a tough place, filled with talented and hardworking people. The competition is fierce, but DugG didn’t let that discourage him. On the contrary: it fueled his determination. He became set on proving anyone wrong — including himself — who doubted his potential.

“In the beginning, a lot of people underestimated us, which is something all artists have to contend with at the start of their careers.”

Fortunately, he didn’t allow himself to be influenced and stuck to his path to success.

Right now, DugG is a recognized name in the music industry. His accomplishments so far will be highlighted in the upcoming release of his new album: The DUGFATHER.


Plans for the Future

DugG has big plans. He intends to solidify his name in the music industry, become a major producer, and elevate his label to the forefront of the Haitian publishing space. He also wants to inspire others. He believes that nothing you do as an artist and an icon matters if you don’t use your influence positively. One of his goals is to show Haitian youth that everything is possible if you want it bad enough — and work for it.

Who is DugG and Advice to Young Haitians

Beneath his artistic and professional facade, DugG is just a simple man with simple pleasures. He loves Haitian cuisine, values playtime with his daughter, watches movies, and plays video games as hobbies.

He’s also active on social media but does it mostly to have fun and relax.

DugG’s advice to young Haitians is simple but powerful: “I can tell young artists to keep their feet on the ground. Success is ephemeral, so prepare for tomorrow. Make education a priority and turn your music career into a business endeavor. Don’t use it to attract women and live a flashy lifestyle. These will come in their own time.”

Moving forward, DugG also hopes to create a learning center for youth to promote education and hard work — the two qualities he believes are at the heart of success.

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