Friday, April 19, 2024

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Written by Nora Vertus

If you were to go to any social media outlet, you would see a lot of content on self-improvement. Telling us to “be better, dress finer, and produce better results.”

Almost every source of media will push you to self-improve. It benefits us, our society, families, and ethnic groups as a collective. Bettering the human race is encoded in our genetic makeup.

Many of us started on this journey unintentionally by getting feedback from our parents, teachers, mentors, and applying it. Yet, some of us decided to improve ourselves consciously. 

Self-improvement is the pursuit of happiness. If you’ve watched the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, starring Will Smith, you will understand the ups and downs that come with constantly working on yourself, winning some, losing a few, and having the strength to persevere. In a nutshell, the constant flow of striving for a better future. 

However, when you become so absorbed with content constantly pushed at you, you forget yourself. Instead of pursuing happiness, you are now chasing perfection and going in a different direction than you once were aiming. Achieving the ultimate happy life does not mean delving so deep into improving yourself that you disregard your most essential needs. The best result in acquiring and improving things is a mixture of expertise and your inner self. At the start of your self-improvement journey, the best thing to do is look in the mirror, appreciate yourself as is, be encouraging, and give yourself lots of love.

One of the best ways that you can practice self-improvement is journaling. Ask yourself, what is it that you would like to improve? Why do you want to improve? What are your values? What can you compromise on without losing your sense of self?

After gathering your thoughts, start reading up on materials that can help you. Your best accessible resources are the library or online resources such as YouTube. The next step is crucial, and that is to filter. Remember that you are not everybody else, and you are you. What works for others does not necessarily work for you. Take every piece of advice you consume with a grain of salt.

Self-improvement is created based on your needs and what you are trying to achieve, which for me is happiness.



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