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Investments, Real Estate Development, Sales & Marketing—One Woman doing it all, Carline Douze

Written by Vanessa Olisma

Carline Douze is a respected realtor with an extensive understanding of East Broward, South Palm Beach, and additional Broward County communities. She is just the person to help willing individuals improve and expand their real estate goals.

A graduate of Keiser University and Nova Southeastern University, Carline Douze comes equipped with over 18 years of experience in the field. Douze started her entrepreneurship career as a real estate investor/developer back in 1998. She grew up watching her mom and her grandma in Haiti doing their part as entrepreneurs in the business sector. It was only right that she grabbed the baton.

As a Haitian woman, Douze felt the Haitian community was lacking in honest, helpful, and motivated women who are willing and ready to help them reach new heights in sales and marketing.

She decided it was time to “be my own boss.” Although many business ventures caught her eye and earned her great success, it was the constant pull towards real estate that won her heart.

Douze has become one of the most successful and respected realtors in South Florida. She simply gets the job done. She brings a combination of superb negotiation skills, a fighting spirit to see that her clients receive the best deal possible, all the while helping them save money. Her knowledge and perseverance are just what you want in your corner.

 Joining forces with Carline Douze would introduce you to a great collection of home and estate sales and purchases. As an experienced developer, she is also able to guide those looking to develop or construct their own homes. Douze’s portfolio includes local, national, and international clients. No feat is too small or too great. Moving towards homeownership is a great leap to financial freedom. Many may believe their time is not now. Allow Carline to use her charming nature to bring you from the impossible to the possible at the closing table.

Ultimately, if you have felt stressed and tired in this exhausting market, Douze is ready to ease your worries. If you are new in the process with no direction, Douze can take your hand and guide you into your new forever. Investing in a home is more than a transaction. It is, first and foremost, an interaction. Carline Douze is great at personalizing each interaction, giving her time and full attention, and just being the counselor that you need. Let’s close the deal.




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