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Music as an Inspirational Tool for Kelly Pierre-Louis

By Alex Popa

Kelly was born in Miami, Florida, as a first-generation Haitian American. He later moved to Dallas, Texas, where he enrolled in Tarrant County College. He’s studying musical engineering because he wants to become a full-fledged musician. Kelly has already released a few solos on SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify. Some of them were even wildly popular at the time.

But he wants so much more from his musical career—he wants to become an inspiration. He aspires to have his music played on radios all over the country and to bring joy to people. “My music should bring a smile to your lips and make you smile and forget all your worries for a moment,” he says. His biggest dream is to make inspirational music, in other words!

What Inspired Him to Become a Musician?

If you listen to Kelly, it was Michael Jackson who inspired him to choose music as his life’s calling. The King of Pop certainly had charisma and an unmistakable presence, so it’s not a surprise he became a role model. However, we think it was Kelly’s natural affinity for music that reeled him in and put him on this path. The King of Pop was only a shining star on the same path that further inspired him to go forward.

But Kelly’s path is his own and continues to take him to new places with each passing day and every newly released song. Another source of inspiration was his Haitian heritage, which he strives to uphold: “Haitians were one of the very first groups of slaves to actually rebel and be successful, which always makes me think I can do anything I set my mind to do. I just have to be strong, dedicated, and optimistic!”

His many accomplishments in sports, school, and life also became an inspiration and source of confidence for him. He’s most proud of his clean reputation and good name. No one has anything bad to say about him and, even if they would, he knows he hasn’t done anything to warrant criticism.

What Would He Promote to Haitians?

Through his music, Kelly would promote happiness, joy, the thrill of the beat, and a sense of kindness toward one another. He wants to reach his audience with his songs and change their moods on the spot. In his words, “A good song is that which switches your mood uncontrollably, something that makes you feel different without even trying.” This is the type of music that he wants to create, and, in our opinion, it’s a pretty laudable goal.

We also asked him about his view on Haiti and what the young generation of Haitians could do to improve their country. He said that cooperation, active listening, a bit of contemplation, and kindness would go a long way. The younger generation needs to realize that something is wrong in Haiti, and, if they want to make a change, they need to put in sufficient effort. His music should inspire youngsters to develop a positive attitude and change something in Haiti!

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