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Marriage and Family Therapy with Natasha Joseph

By Alex Popa

Natasha Gabrielle Joseph was born and raised in New York in a traditional Haitian family. She now lives in Queens—a background that gave her street smarts, according to her. Natasha has a simple dream—to be happy and stress-free. To achieve this, she’s set out to become a licensed marriage and family therapist. She thinks she has the right background experience to educate others in terms of understanding, communication, and love.

Her desire to become a family therapist stems from her childhood. Her father used to hold family meetings in which they would discuss issues and misunderstandings, solving what needed solving. “My parents strongly believed that constant communication would keep us united,” she says.

Hobbies and Goals

Natasha says she has a lot of hobbies, including writing, art, and dancing. She’s especially passionate about poetry. “Whether it rhymes or not, it brings readers together in a creative way. I’ve been writing since the fifth  grade, and I never stopped.” Natasha says she doesn’t need any special topic to write poetry about. Everything that comes to mind can become a subject for her poetic inspiration, she says.

Dancing is something else that Natasha is very passionate about. She fondly remembers her childhood in a Caribbean household. Dancing was a “usual thing where I grew up. My family had dancing written in their genes with their Caribbean heritage,” Natasha says. At one point, she was uploading videos of herself dancing on YouTube. Natasha says she’d like to improve her dancing skills one day.

What Is Her Advice for Young Haitians?

Natasha Joseph believes that education is the cornerstone of a successful life. Without education, you can’t access certain opportunities that are basic for others. “I want the young Haitian generation to learn that, through education, they can make their dreams come true. They should always believe in their dreams, no matter what, and never give up!”

Currently, she’s working at the City College of New York in a program called Trio. This is a federally funded program that assists students in completing their post-secondary education. Natasha says that they “target low-income and first-generation students from middle school through high school.” She further explains that this job allows her to provide college exposure to Haitian teens and keep them interested in school.

Natasha also donates regularly to Haiti. Food, clothes, shoes, and other supplies are being sent from her home to schools or orphanages in Haiti where children need them the most. “The best feeling of it all is when you get that call that the package arrived,” she says with yearning in her voice. Natasha is someone who does this without seeking recognition. She only wants to help people.

Promoting Freedom and Equality

We asked Natasha what she would promote if she had a platform and an audience. She said she would promote freedom above all else. “I want everyone, regardless of race, age, and gender, to be free, to be themselves.” Natasha wants everyone to be able to make their own decisions free from doubts and criticism.

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