Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Making it as a Haitian Actor: Richardson Pierre

By Alex Popa

Richardson Pierre was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and now lives in Los Angeles, California. When asked about his home, his eyes glimmer with relentless determination and a yearning to be acknowledged. Life in Haiti was not easy. It was an “uphill battle most of the time”, says Richardson. There were many struggles that stopped him from advancing.

Still, Richardson says “those obstacles that barred my path made me the man I am today. They built my confidence, my character, and my resilience.” Hardships build strong men, and Richardson seems to exemplify this. His journey wasn’t easy, but he turned every weakness into a strength and he tried harder and harder to get somewhere.

“those obstacles that barred my path made me the man I am today.”

Profession & Dreams

Richardson graduated with a Bachelor’s in Theater from Clark Atlanta University and now he’s trying to forge an acting career in California. He also served for nine years in the military, which further honed his character and willpower. He remembers how he used to feel different from everyone else in Massachusetts, where he grew up after immigrating from Haiti.

However, his hardships turned out to be the catalyst Richardson needed to evolve as a person. He persevered and eventually settled down and made something of his life. Pierre is proud of his station in the world right now, but he wants more. He seeks to become an actor and earn national recognition for his skills. Most of all, he wants to show the world what Haitians are capable of.

He starred in an independent movie called “Underneath”, based on the Haitian revolution. The director wasn’t Haitian, which made Richardson even more thrilled – someone wanted to make a movie about Haitians! To him, it was proof that the world is starting to acknowledge Haiti and its plight. But more than that, it’s starting to acknowledge the courage and resilience of its people.

Life Ethics

Several principles guide Richardson’s life. Chief among them is the belief that he controls his own destiny. Even if others don’t acknowledge his skills, he’s moving forward, no matter what. He’s accepted who he is, and that’s what matters the most. “Being Haitian has taught me that being different is not a problem as long as you accept yourself and strive forward.”

Even though he’s had a hard time blending into a new culture, he’s done it perfectly over the years. Now, all he wants to do is focus on acting. He wants to star in more Haitian projects that showcase the wonders of the Haitian people.

If you want to contact Richardson Pierre, you can find him on Instagram at @sonofrichard21. He’s always ready to interact with his followers and answer their questions. Richardson is happiest when people ask him about life in Haiti and what changes he’d make to help the people of Haiti!

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