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Between Criminology and Entertainment with Naësha Joana Perrier Antoine

By Alex Popa

Naësha Joanna was born in Montreal, Canada, and still lives there. She’s a lifestyle influencer, boutique owner, vlogger, and certified paralegal. She’s studying criminology at the University of Montreal and is passionate about the subject. But Naësha acknowledges that the entertainment industry has always been a big goal for her. She feels like she belongs there, being her own boss and entertaining people.

Education & Profession

Naësha graduated from college with a degree in law and justice and she’s a certified paralegal. However, she doesn’t yet work in the industry. Instead, she’s a content creator and entertainer, an influencer on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. She works with brands like Shein and various Haitian-owned businesses. Naësha also participates in comedy shows and movies.

Back in May 2022, she landed her first movie role. She shot her scenes in June 2022, and the movie is in post-production, waiting to be put together for release. Her boutique, Naësha’s Boutique, is popular in her area. She sells durags, bonnets, and wigs, products that are especially popular among her Haitian clientele.

In the next 12 months, Naësha wants to further hone her skills as an actress and take part in multiple productions. Modeling seems like a good idea to her because she’s been passionate about it for years. “Modeling seems like a good fit for me because I take care of my body and I believe I deserve a spot on the runway.” She says her ability to model and act are the two greatest gifts she’s received.

Naësha Joanna Perrier Antoine
Naësha Joanna Perrier Antoine

In her view, education is the catalyst for a successful life.

Encouraging Haitian Children

Naësha wants her voice to be heard. She wants to promote national pride to young Haitian kids. “They shouldn’t be ashamed of where they’re from. They need to show the world that Haiti is not just natural disasters and other tragedies. We’re wonderful people who can achieve so much more!” She wants them to go to school, learn, and get an education to have more chances to achieve success.

In her view, education is the catalyst for a successful life. While you may not succeed at first, education gives you more options and chances to succeed. This is what Naësha’s life and own experience has taught her. “The young generation needs to understand that they have it better than us. They have a technological advantage we didn’t have. There’s good information everywhere to be found. You just have to want to find it!”

Finally, Naësha wants to promote Haiti for its beautiful culture, history, and people. Many Haitians are artists, they thrive in artistic professions, and they want more from life. Similarly, so many Haitian children have dreams and want to pursue them because it makes them happy. They’ll have more chances to do this if people like Naësha act as a role model for them. Seeing someone else from the same background succeed is a great motivator.

You can contact Naësha Joanna on Instagram at “naeshajoanna” or TikTok at “@naeshajoanna.”

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