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Jean Michel Craan – The Founder of Budget-friendly Shipping Company ShippEx

By Alex Popa

Jean Michel Craan was born in Leogane but grew up in a village between Jacmel and Port-au-Prince. Realizing that Haiti could not help him fulfill his quest for greatness, he did the only thing that could’ve helped him in that sense: move to the US.

His relocation to Florida in 2020 marked the beginning of a new life for him and his family. Jean Michel admits that he’s always had a soft spot for entrepreneurship, which has served him well over time. He now has two daughters to motivate his professional journey and an unbending desire to excel at everything he does.

Education and Professional Achievements

Jean Michel has a certification in Mechanics and another one in Marketing. This double specialization has allowed him to enter several business spheres to expand his knowledge and skills. In terms of career development, things couldn’t be any better at the moment.

Jean Michel is a co-founder of “JEM”, a project he launched in 2011 in partnership with HIT (Haiti in Transition.) This non-profit organization uses chess to teach Haitian children the basics of leadership and build their character.

In 2012, Jean Michel joined “Haiti je m’engage” as a board member, a role that led to the creation of “Haiti’s Project.” For the next three years, between 2013 and 2016, he built several companies in Haiti including Craan Technology, Premium Taxi Rapid, TaxiPam, and Craan Learning Center.

Jean Michel didn’t let up in 2017, the year he founded Craan & Partners LLC, Luxury Car Spa, and Shippex. He also invested in the newly released “El Pama” cigar brand.

These achievements show that Jean Michel is a resourceful and competent entrepreneur with a bright future.

About Shippex


Shippex is one of Jean Michel’s brainchildren. He established the company in 2020 during the COVID pandemic, when people had to stay indoors to avoid contracting the feared virus. Shippex was born out of Jean Michel’s desire to create a more effective and budget-friendly shipping method.

The company grew quickly and now provides services across the US, and from the US to Haiti and Turks and Caicos Islands. Several factors have contributed to the company’s success, but Jean Michel says the main ones are the passion of the people involved in it and the vision that keeps everything running.

How to Succeed in Life

Jean Michel sees himself as a successful entrepreneur and hopes he can serve as an example to others. In his view, Haitian youth need inspiration, which can be hard to find in Haiti’s troubled environment. He hopes to fill that gap and provide the younger generation with a model of success.

To Jean Michel, there are several requirements to becoming a successful entrepreneur. “[You need] the capacity to inspire and motivate others to follow your lead and create a productive work environment,” he says. “That is leadership. Then come discipline and great sales skills to be able to sell your products or services and build customer loyalty.”

What Does the Future Look Like?

Jean Michel’s journey is far from over. He feels he’s never been more active, energetic, and inspired in his journey toward personal and professional success. His goal is to increase his company’s growth and create a comfortable life for his children.

Apart from business, what occupies Jean Michel Craan? “I enjoy traveling, spending quality time with my daughter, reading books to expand my knowledge and perspective, and lastly, enjoying a fine cigar in the company of good friends.”


11878 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami, FL 33161

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