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Withnie Honore, The Brain Behind ACPAC (Association Chrétienne Pour la Promotion de l’Art et de La Culture

By Alex Popa

Withnie Honore is a mother, grandmother, artist, and Christian, but these labels don’t even begin to scratch the surface of this remarkable woman. Withnie was born in Haut-Moustiques and grew up in Port-de-Paix. She was a proud Haitian, but she knew she had to leave her beloved country to create a better life for herself and her family. She migrated to the US in the 1990s and has lived in Florida for the past 33 years.

Education and Work

Withnie is a multidimensional woman. She holds a BS in Health Information Management and an MS in Special Education but also has strong artistic interests. She was wise enough to capitalize on her talent by learning playwriting and has produced 18 plays so far. She also dabbles in poetry and songwriting and has even produced a movie that is now available on YouTube (Une Vie Au Travers du Feu.)

Because she couldn’t keep her passions a hobby, Withnie decided to take things to the next level. This is when ACPAC was born. ACPAC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “educate through performing arts.”

“We are one of the oldest organizations that emphasizes performing arts in the Haitian community in South Florida,” says Withnie. “With Onickel Augustin as a skilled musician, Ricardo Lefevre, a well-known comedian/ actor, and other devoted members, each year we offer a colorful, and unforgettable spectacle. The plays are culturally centered with a lesson to learn. The children are wildly enthusiastic about performing in Kreyòl ACPAC is the bridge that connects them with Haitian Culture.

“We are more a family than an organization,” says Withnie. “We are all volunteers who work together as a team. The bond between the members is incredible.”

Hobbies and Long-Term Goals

Withnie is a simple woman with simple tastes. She enjoys singing and listening to music, reading, and writing, which keep her mind active and sharp. She’s always learning and believes nothing is achieved in life without hard work and commitment.

Withnie is crystal clear about her personal goal: she wants to make an impact. That’s why she uses her artistic expression to touch people and motivate them to become better humans. As a mother and a grandmother, she understands how important it is to inspire others to achieve greatness. She believes nothing inspires people more than a good story with deep meaning and a laugh. ACPAC is her way of doing that.

Can Young Haitians Follow Her Footsteps?

Withnie Honore believes anyone can follow in her footsteps provided they are disciplined, find a career they enjoy, and are open to criticism. In Withnie’s view, this is the recipe for success. She knows this because her life has been shaped by these three requirements.

Withnie has learned that success comes from within. Still, her successful contribution to the Haitian diaspora is outwardly manifested in ACPAC’s work “to providing cultural enrichment, promoting moral and spiritual values, developing hidden talents among youth, and educating both adults and children through the performing arts.” 

ACPAC’s Annual Performance is scheduled for December 7, 2024, at the North Miami Beach Julius Littman Theater. It will feature a play entitled “Gran Lakou”, which takes audiences directly to “LAKAY” before the Digital Revolution.                                                              


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