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Into the World of Fashion with Maritza Guerrier

Written by Alex Popa + Photos by @maybelinephotography

Fashion and beauty were always a passion for Maritza Guerrier, and a career opportunity brought them all together. The owner of Boudoir House, Inc. was born and raised in Cap-Haitien and grew up in Brooklyn, NYC. She now lives in South Florida and actively takes care of her business.

Boudoir House, Inc. is a “fashion, beauty, and lifestyle firm that offers makeup, styling, closet organizing, and secret shopping services.” According to Maritza Boudoir, as she likes to be called, her company also offers event planning, product development, and business advice to her clients.

What Led to Her Entrepreneurship?

By 2005, Maritza had a great career in politics and law but wasn’t very satisfied with it. The world of fashion was a natural choice since she’d always been interested in beauty and stylization. She enrolled in The Makeup School and became a part-time makeup artist for a firm. Then, she slowly built up her own company through friend referrals and word of mouth.

In 2014, she developed her own fashion style and scored a deal with Jazz Enterprise in 2017, which led to Boudoir House, Inc. finally taking shape. From partnership to partnership, many new collaborations awaited, and the rest is history, as she likes to say. Maritza Guerrier is clear about the reasons why she does what she does: “Being able to give back to my mom everything she has invested in me and then some.”

Moreover, she believes that “our industry and our culture can be amongst the best as we have all the talents and resources at our disposal.” She’s referring to the Haitian culture and the fashion industry being accessed by more Haitian people.

“Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It requires long hours and being able to motivate yourself. It’s not always caviar and roses.”

What’s Her Advice to Upstart Entrepreneurs?

Her advice would be to not throw yourself at the attractive prospect of entrepreneurship without having a plan and an idea. If you have those, you need “grit, consistency, and. most importantly, passion.”

She also underlines the importance of failure as a natural part of evolution as an entrepreneur. Failure should be expected and embraced since it’s a learning opportunity. Confidence, problem-solving skills, and communication skills are also important for an up-and-coming entrepreneur.

Maritza Guerrier is a model of pragmatic willpower, and she doesn’t deny that. When asked about how she handles the work-life balance, she answers simply, “I don’t. I’m trying to at least take one day off where I don’t answer calls or emails.” She’s also a visionary, as she sees Boudoir House, Inc. organizing its own fashion shows in the future. She has what it takes to succeed, that much is clear!



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