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NMB – Commissioner Michael Joseph, Esq.

Commissioner Michael Joseph, Esq. is a powerful voice in the local North Miami Beach government. Currently, he’s the commission liaison for the Code Enforcement Board, Public Utilities Commission, and the Education Committee. This position brings him ever closer to understanding the needs and wants of North Miami Beach residents.

Being a commissioner, he devotes his undivided attention towards bringing a beneficial change to the community. He’s especially focused on solidifying the trust of North Miami Beach residents in the government body. Through ethical reforms, he strives to restore the citizens’ confidence in the local government.


Commissioner Michael Joseph, Esq. earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Business Administration from Florida International University. Then, he attended St. Thomas University’s School of Law, where he earned his juris doctorate. It was here that he decided to bring a much-needed transformation to his community.

For the next several years, he practiced as an attorney for various law firms and became a Member of the Dade County Bar Association, the Haitian Lawyers Association, and the Caribbean Bar Association. His belonging to a minority group fostered a unique understanding of people’s needs and social circumstances.

Civic Involvements

Commissioner Michael Joseph, Esq. has involved himself in many civic duties throughout the years, becoming affiliated with many organizations. For example, to better the North Miami Beach parks, he became a member of the City of Miami Bayfront Park Management Trust.

He also received a Service Recognition Award in 2011 for his efforts in the Bayfront Park Management Trust. In addition, as a member of the Miami-Dade County Commission on Human Rights, he fought for a more rigorous ethical treatment of North Miami Beach residents from all walks of life.

As a Vice-Chair of the Miami-Dade County Small Business Enterprise Goods and Services Advisory Board, Commissioner Michael Joseph, Esq.’s Master’s in Business Administration proved essential in understanding how small businesses fared in the market against large-scale corporations and what needed to change to give everyone a chance. He was also a member of the Voter’s Council of North Miami Beach, Inc. At present, he’s a Member of the Democratic Haitian-American Caucus of Florida.

Commissioner Michael Joseph, Esq. is happily married to his wife, Asia. The two are raising their son, Alexander, in the Sunray West neighborhood of North Miami Beach.

The commissioner is a staunch defender of equality. His rigorous understanding of the law makes his work as a public servant that much more valuable to the community!


Michael Joseph, Esq.

Phone: 305-948-2986




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