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Haitian Drinks

Caribbean drinks are known for their fruit and alcohol-based ingredients. The tropical drinks you will find in Haiti contain Barbancourt rum and a variety of different native fruits. Some of these tropical fruits might include lime, orange, and pineapple. As you consume one of these drinks, you will feel a strong sensation that will leave you satisfied and delighted.

Haitian drinks don’t have to be made with alcohol all the time. If you prepare your own Haitian style drinks, then you can choose whether you want rum to be added to the solution. But if you were to visit any restaurant or bar in Haiti, then you’ll find a vast selection of alcohol-based Haitian drinks to choose from.

Are you ready to make your own Haitian drinks at home? If so, then you’ll enjoy learning about the following Haitian drinks and what goes into them. These drinks are enjoyable to make and consume anywhere. They don’t necessarily have to be made for special occasions, even though they usually are. 

Below are the top six drinks in Haiti.

1) Haitian Flyer Cocktail

The base ingredient of Haitian flyer cocktail is Barbancourt rum. It is normally served at barbecues, parties, and events. The ingredients of the cocktail include lime, champagne, Barbancourt rum, syrup and lime juice. If you love alcohol and lime together, then you will fall in love with this cocktail as soon as you swallow it.

2) Corn Flour Shake (Akasan)

Corn flour is the base ingredient of Akasan, which is an unusual ingredient for any shake beverage. If you were to visit the street vendors in Haiti, you would find corn flour shakes being sold everywhere. However, the best corn flour shakes are the ones freshly made at home or served to you in a restaurant. You can consume the shake hot or cold, but it is more refreshing if you consume it cold. 

3) Jacmel Haitian Cocktail

Jacmel Haitian cocktail uses both Barbancourt rum and pango rum. If you thought that was enough alcohol, think again. The cocktail includes Grand Marnier, which is a French orange-flavored liquor that was introduced to Haiti during its colonization. Grand Marnier adds more flavor and alcohol to an already powerful cocktail mix. Jacmel Haitian Cocktail is the perfect summertime cocktail to enjoy during your vacation in Haiti.

4) Haitian Cremas

If you like sweet, spicy and creamy beverages, then you can get all three in one shot. The Haitian Cremas is a thick, creamy and milky beverage with lots of rich ingredients. Some of which include almond extract, cinnamon, grated nutmeg, coconut, vanilla extract, Anise star extract, lime juice, condensed milk and evaporated milk. The Haitians love to add Barbancourt rum into the mix as well. It is a great way to add that buzz to the drink after you consume it.

5) Orange Squash Juice (Juna)

The local Haitians refer to this juice by several different names. Some of them simply call it “Juna,” while others refer to it as Snake Oil Juna. It is a traditional Haitian beverage that consists of squash, freshly pressed oranges, allspice and shave ice. And, of course, you can add Barbancourt rum for the alcohol ingredient if you want. Allspice gives the drink a more tropical or Caribbean feel to it.

6) Cherry Juice

Haitians are very big on their cherries. It is one of their favorite fruits because they grow them in the country. Cherries are often used as ingredients in Haitian dishes, but they are also quite tasty as standalone drinks. You can simply blend a bunch of cherries in a blender and add ice, rum, and sugar. Some Haitians might decide to add allspice as well.

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