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Wahoo Bay Beach Club

The Wahoo Bay Beach Club is beautifully positioned between the picturesque blue seawater of the Gulf of La Gonave and the Matheux Mountain Range. You’ll have gorgeous scenery in every direction. Wahoo Bay is in a Haitian commune area called Arcahaie. It is a vast commune with over 100,000 people living there.

The hotel resort is a 75-minute drive away from the airport in Port-au-Prince, so you’ll need to arrange for transportation from the airport to Wahoo Bay. There is no complimentary shuttle that’ll travel 75 minutes to take you there. But once you do arrive at the hotel, you’ll realize the long trip was worth it. You’ll have access to a private beach and several generous amenities during your stay.

Some of the most significant cultural sights in the area include the Ogier-Fombrun Museum, Fort Delpeche, and Guahaba Museum. The driving time is 9 minutes to the Guahaba Museum, 15 minutes to Ogier-Fombrun Museum, 40 minutes to Place Publique, 70 minutes to Fort Delpeche, and 74 minutes to Iron Market.


All tourists and travellers to Wahoo Bay Beach Club should have an adventurous spirit. You’ll first experience adventure when you drive from the airport to the hotel. Once you’re there, you can choose from any number of recreational activities. Some of which include kayaking, snorkelling, suntanning, swimming, tennis, mountain climbing, and more.

Wahoo Bay Beach Club accommodates people who are on business trips too. If that is your purpose for visiting the hotel, then make it a productive business trip. Perhaps you could treat your clients to the free breakfast buffet or bar at the hotel. There are also massages available for an additional cost. 

The average cost to stay for one night is $152. It is a fair price when you consider all the amenities and accommodations that are included. Even though it is not a five-star hotel, it is a good enough hotel for weddings, vacations, romantic getaways, family getaways, and business trips.


The Wahoo Bay Beach Club is comprised of 26 different rooms. Each room comes with a flatscreen television, safety deposit box, open balcony, Wi-Fi internet access, refrigerator, bottled water, and room service. You can take a shower in the bathroom and use the complimentary hairdryer to dry your hair afterwards. All of these amenities should make you very comfortable at the hotel.

Imagine accessing the internet on your laptop as you admire the breathtaking views of the ocean. You’ll feel total peace with yourself and your environment. If you want to take a swim in a swimming pool instead of the sea, there is an outdoor pool available at the hotel. Some guests like to use both just to have different swimming experiences.

There are two types of rooms you can choose from. If you have a party of up to four people, then you can choose the superior room with two queen beds. But if you have up to nine people in your party, you can choose the bedroom suite. It has one double sofa bed, one king bed and two double beds.

Wedding Space

There is no better setting for a wedding than at Wahoo Bay Beach Club. You can turn a simple wedding into a Caribbean voyage and romantic getaway. The backdrops of the sea and beaches are simply breathtaking. If you’ve always dreamt about having a beach wedding in a tropical Caribbean location, then you’ll want to make this your wedding venue.

Since it is an out-of-the-way environment, it’ll create a feeling like you’re escaping into nature to declare your love for one another. Sure, it’ll be an adventure to get to your wedding venue, but you only live once? Right? Go for it!

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