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Satama Hotel

Satama Hotel is a four-star hotel on the northern coast of Haiti. It is located in a commune called Cap-Haïtien, which contains just under 200,000 people. Some of the most renowned landmarks of this region are Cap-Haïtien Cathedral and Place d’Armes. Both of the landmarks are only an 18-minute walk from the hotel to get to them. If you want to visit the beach, it is a 13-minute drive to Cormier Beach and a 23-minute drive to Labadee Beach.

There is a total of 60 rooms at Satama Hotel. Each room is air-conditioned and comes with a private balcony that offers spectacular views of the Cap-Haïtien bay. The rooms are not oversized. They can accommodate between 3 to 4 guests at the most. You can choose the superior room with one queen bed and 238 square feet of space, or the superior double room with two queen beds and 307 square feet of space.


When you arrive at Cap-Haïtien International Airport, it is a 16-minute drive to the Satama Hotel. It is not a long journey from the airport to the hotel, which you will appreciate immediately. The road is a bit rough getting to the hotel, but that only adds to the adventure aspect of it all.

Once you arrive at the hotel, you will never want to leave. The staff members will go out of their way to assist you from the beginning to end of your stay. Everything is clean and organized throughout the building. The view from the hotel is spectacular because you can see the city and the bay from one location.

If you are someone who likes to smoke, you will find designated smoking areas at the hotel. It is challenging to find four-star hotels that offer smoking areas. That is a major plus for anyone who likes to smoke and wants high-quality accommodations at the same time. The Satama Bar and Lounge offers an outdoor terrace where you can relax, drink, and enjoy the view of the city and ocean.


Guests will notice the four-star accommodations immediately. These accommodations and amenities include free Wi-Fi internet, flatscreen television, refrigerator, bottled water, hairdryer, room service, concierge service, private meeting room, dry cleaning, showers, toiletries, housekeeping, and free self-parking.

The Satama restaurant gives you a choice between local Haitian cuisine and international cuisine. They serve gourmet meals for lunch and dinner. For breakfast, the hotel provides a continental breakfast buffet that is available each day to guests for free. The buffet does serve American style food, just in case you miss your native style of eating.

After you dine, you can take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool. It is a gorgeous pool that gives you the same beautiful view of the ocean and city that you’d get from the terrace. If you want to sit outside next to the pool, you can do that as well. The waiters can take your order and bring you drinks poolside if you’d like.

Wedding Space

There are no specific wedding services available by the staff members of the Satama Hotel. But that doesn’t mean you cannot reserve space in the meeting room and have a smaller wedding in it. You’d have to handle the wedding planning and coordination, which includes the decorations, invitations, and arranging to have a marriage officiant to officiate the wedding.  Alternatively, you could honeymoon at the Satama Hotel. The price is about $147 per night, which is the average price for a four-star hotel in Haiti. It is a good deal for honeymooners who are on a budget but also want to have luxurious accommodations and scenery.

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