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How the Ayiti Music Hall of Fame & Museum Preserves Legacies for Generations

By Martine St. Hilaire

The Ayiti Music Hall of Fame & Museum (AMMHOF) is a non-profit organization whose primary focus is to uplift, educate and maintain awareness of the “genres,” legends for all generations. AMMHOF is best known for its annual celebration of inductees into its Hall of Fame. The NPO comprises board members, administrators, and team committees that specialize in various areas such as communications, public relations, research, finance, and law. They are dedicated to being of service in the state of Florida and hope to expand to other regions in the future. AMMHOF is currently registered in Florida as an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The AMMHOF team takes pride in serving tri-county communities and inner cities with programs that enhance people’s lives economically and socially. An example of one of these beneficial programs is their Youth and Group Sessions, which are designed to target specific social and economic concerns. AMMHOF has been gaining support from partners and their generous contributions over the years. This backing promotes the healthy growth of youth and provides them with support from mentors that teach young people skills they can use for the rest of their lives. It’s inspiring to see how AMMHOF is educating, cultivating, and developing future generations through its diligent efforts.

The three (3) focuses of AMMHOF are its Annual “Inductee” Celebration that shines a light on its “Legends”; the “Youth’IAM” Mentor, tutoring, and awareness program; and group sessions that address the vulnerabilities and matters of concern of legends. 

You can see the changes AMMHOF has made by giving back and “producing” younger generations. The AMMHOF team supports the careers of budding artists – for example, “Dawonn Official” a young solo artist, and “BEL”, a young all-woman group. We will continue this work for future generations.  AMMHOF Co-Chairs Nelda Augustine-Jean and Nixon Mesidor say the younger generations shouldn’t always have to be alone in their endeavors.

Augustine-Jean is one of AMMHOF’s two founding members. She’s a passionate and highly dedicated individual who enjoys being a servant to the communities that raised and groomed her. She is a well-versed, driven, and supportive member of her various communities. She typically requires no introduction. Whenever she enters a function, her face and name are well received. 

AMMHOF was born from sincere passion and collaboration,” says Augustine-Jean.

AMMHOF was always made to be the cultural preservation organization it has become. Its mission is to continuously give back for generations after generations. There are two major upcoming programs the AMMHOF team is excited about. The first program is its Annual Inductee of Legends ceremony in the summer of 2023. The second is its Youth Mentorship and Tutoring program, better known as Youth’IAM. These two well-constructed programs by AMMHOF will do what they’re designed to do: to serve their communities.

As co-chair of AMMHOF, Augustine-Jean advises and oversees research for the organization. She’s also known for handling obstacles straight on, as she’s done throughout her life. She has a list of “dos and don’ts” that is her trademark for mentoring and counseling. She uses it whenever she faces big decisions. It’s a trick she learned from her own personal endeavors.

Nixon Mesidor – Co-Chair

Nixon Mesidor is AMMHOF’s other founder. He is tasked with cultivating relationships with artists and bringing them together to showcase their passion. The legendary artists he signs on don’t just perform at events. They’ve paved the way in their respective areas and deserve a space in the Music Museum of Hall of Fame. Mesidor also takes pride in securing the participation of local stars and celebrities who stand to be represented in a grander manner. 

As an AMMHOF mentor, Mesidor is currently working on a project to mentor and showcase the talents of young people from various communities. Mesidor clearly demonstrates what being a great mentor represents. He’s a perfect example of how and why AMMHOF – or any organization that mentors, tutors and teaches leadership – functions successfully.

The AMMHOF team supports the careers of budding artists – for example, “Dawonn Official” a young solo artist, and “BEL”, a young all-womens group. We will continue this work for future generations. AMMHOF Co-Chairs Nelda and Nixon say the younger generations shouldn’t always have to be alone in their endeavors.

This work should have already been done, but as ‘they’ say, better late than never,” says Mesidor.

The AMMHOF team is ensuring that whatever blueprint is missing is in place effectively, immediately, and efficiently. The ultimate goal is for its vision to be duplicated and guide future generations.

Even though he’s often in the spotlight as a musician, Mesidor is a family man who lives his life privately. He plays bass guitar and is a member of the remarkable Haitian band Klass. He’s also a proud owner of a recording studio, Faktori Atis, and a record label based in Wellington, Florida. He’s known as being people-oriented and has a large circle of friends that keep him grounded.

To add capacity to their outreach services, AMMHOF provides services for people in social distress and pathways for individuals with emergency relief needs. Its major accomplishments include the development and enhancement programs that enable young people to showcase their talents in the arts. The AMMHOF team is committed to valuing the legends that have marked the history of Haitian music and the effective development of future generations.

Visit AMMHOF’s website to learn more about their programs and events:


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