Sunday, May 19, 2024

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Miss Choucoune International 2024 – Celebrating Haitian Culture and Beauty

By Alex Popa
Sandra Justice LLC is pleased to introduce the 2024 edition of Miss Choucoune International, an important cultural event with a decades-long tradition in the international Haitian community. The competition, organized in collaboration with Commissioner Maxwell Chambers, kicks off at the Florida Miramar Performing Art Theater at 5 p.m. on Sunday, February 4th, 2024.
The Miss Choucoune organizing team is eagerly awaiting its future participants and spectators with open arms, hoping to make the 2024 event an exciting and vibrant celebration of Haiti’s culture, art, history, and beauty.
The newly crowned Miss Choucoune will become a brand ambassador who will represent the company in ads, magazine features, media interviews, and at major social and cultural events.
A Voice for the Haitian Community
Like every year, the Miss Choucoune International competition brings an authentic Haitian experience to the Haitian minority overseas. The event celebrates Haitian beauty and heritage in an otherwise Eurocentric culture. 

Miss Choucoune is more than a title. On February 4th, she will become a symbol of cultural preservation, reminding the world of the beauty and resilience of the Haitian community. Through this platform, Haiti’s fashion trends, artistic expressions, and cultural heritage take center stage.
Miss Choucoune – An Influential Cultural Icon
The cultural importance of Miss Choucoune cannot be overstated. Beyond the glamour and prestige of wearing the crown, she will have the important responsibility to give voice to the real choucoune (Marie Noel Belizaire) and also be a brand ambassador and international representative of Haitians around the world.
Uplifting Girls and Women
Young girls and women are a key target demographic of the Miss Choucoune International competition. In a world where Eurocentric beauty standards contribute to exclusion and lower self-esteem among Haitian women and other women of color, Sandra Justice LLC aims to create a space where the Haitian community can celebrate its unique and natural beauty.
Sandra Justice LLC Presents Miss Choucoune International
On Sunday February 4, 2024
At 5PM
Miramar Performing Art Theater
2400 Civic Center Pl, Miramar, FL 33025
Brand Ambassador Choucoune (1yr).
Trip for 2 to Dubai or Paris
$5,000 cash
Choucoune Brand photo shoot 
On Billboard adds
On Bus adds
Haiti open magazine feature
Creative Magazine feature
Brides of Haiti Magazine feature
Media interviews
Representing Brand at major events
Community service
Crown and sash
Please go to website or text 786-319-1818 for more info

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