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MAKING HISTORY: Haiti Women’s FIFA World Cup Journey

By Alex Popa

Haiti’s women’s football team rode a bumpy road to the FIFA World Cup. It had a long and impressive run filled with numerous ups and downs. Still, it was a first for Haiti’s female-only team, as the closest the country got to worldwide recognition was in 1973, when the male team qualified for the 1974 FIFA World Cup.

…it was a first for Haiti’s female-only team, as the closest the country got to worldwide recognition was in 1973, when the male team qualified for the 1974 FIFA World Cup.

History finally caught up with Haiti once more when Sherly Jeudy scored the goal her team needed to beat Canada and propel Haiti onto the world stage. This was, for all intents and purposes, a historical moment for Haiti and the women’s team and a breakthrough for Haitian sport as a whole.

The Journey

Haiti hasn’t had the easiest time on the soccer stage, especially when it comes to its female representatives. Several variables influenced the country’s road to global competitiveness in sports, including the devastating earthquake in 2010, the cholera outbreak, the country’s violent ecosystem, Yves Jean-Bart’s sexual allegations, and, more recently, the COVID outbreak.

However, as it turned out, Haiti’s women’s team was meant for greatness. The Grenadieres managed to beat Senegal 0-4 to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. The match was lively and presented Haiti with multiple opportunities, all created by the talented team and turned to gold by Kethna Louis in minute 45, captain Nerilia Mondesir in minute 54, and Roselord Borgella in minutes 64 and 65.

This is the only World Cup the Haitian Women’s Team has ever participated in. It was an extraordinary achievement for all members of the team, and they should be proud of what they accomplished. The last two matches against Senegal and Chile were hard-fought, but the team eventually succeeded. It was a momentous occasion for everyone involved.

Best Players of the Haitian Women’s Team

In a sport as intense and exhilarating as soccer, there are bound to be players who excel at their craft. Such is the case with Haiti’s Women’s team. Here are five extraordinary Haitian players and how they made the foundation of its greatness:

  1. Kerly Theus

Kerly Theus is the team’s goalkeeper. Born on 7th January 1999, she’s one of the younger soccer players on the team. She’s well-known for her extraordinary work ethic and energetic personality. Her skill with the ball allows her to easily pick off shots from any direction, even in one-on-one scuffles. She turns 24 this year and is more motivated than ever to keep winning with her team!

She has a true winner’s mentality and hopes to establish herself as a leading keeper in soccer. She’s also not afraid to become aggressive with opponents when a match is on the line. All in all, Kerly Theus is a superb keeper who’s saved her team from defeat on more than one occasion.

  • Kethna Louis

Kethna Louis is a defender extraordinaire who was formerly an attacker for the team. She’s exceptionally strong and has unwavering determination when on the field. No other player on her team can match her resilience and commanding attitude. As a defender, Kethna has a lot on her plate.

She has the remarkable ability to defend from attacks and support her team during attacks, which is nothing short of exceptional. Over the years, Kethna has become more hard-working, energetic, disciplined, and diligent in understanding the game.

  • Melchie Dumornay

“Not a word of a lie, Melchie Dumornay is the best player I’ve ever coached”, Amandine Miquel, the team’s coach, has said. Melchie is the youngest member of her team and arguably the best. She’s scored 11 goals in 17 league appearances and is exceptionally skillful on the field.

“Not a word of a lie, Melchie Dumornay is the best player I’ve ever coached”, Amandine Miquel, the team’s coach, has said.

As a mid-fielder, her mind is always on the ball, strategizing and thinking up plays before making them a reality with magnificent poise. She’s also excellent at escaping from her marks and reacting in tight situations. Her step-overs are something to write home about, too.

  • Nerilia Mondesir

Born on January 17th,1998, Nerilia Mondesir is a forward and the team’s captain. Her technical skills are all on par with the best in women’s soccer, and she’s known as a penalty-box predator. That’s because 93% of her goals in the 2022/2023 seasons were scored from within the penalty box.

She’s an all-around player with no visible weaknesses. Her coach says she’s a complete modern forward who’s always there to finish the job and help her team during moments of crisis. Without Nerilia, we’re sure the team wouldn’t have reached the World Cup 2023.

  • Roselord Borgella

Born on April 1st,1993, Roselord Borgella is one of the team’s oldest players. She’s well-known for her performance during the Women’s World Cup qualifying campaign when she scored 13 goals in 8 matches. With that achievement, she reached the top of the Concacaf charts in one fell swoop.

At 30 years old, Borgella is an irreplaceable forward and always one of the most experienced players on the field. She’s explosive, unpredictable, and consistent with her plays. Right now, she’s doing her best to lead her team to victory and make her country proud.

Momentous Occasion for Haitian Soccer

When the team faced off against Senegal and Chile, the tension was through the roof. The team eventually beat Senegal without much hassle, scoring 4-0, but Chile was a tougher nut to crack. Melchie Dumornay, the team’s ace in the hole, scored two goals and won the match for her team.

This marked Haiti’s ascension to glory, as it was the first time Haiti’s women’s team had ever reached a World Cup. It reflects the ambition and determination of a country that never gives up. Despite all the hardships and difficulties, the team kept advancing – and it eventually paid off!

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