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The Life of a Future Nurse Practitioner with Julie Monfleury

By Alex Popa

Julie Monfleury was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, and currently lives in Port Saint Lucie. She comes from a broken family, and she’s aware that she’s not the only case like that. Julie admits that many young Haitians grow up without both of their parents, which is one of the reasons why the country isn’t doing particularly well socially and economically.

But her path in life was different. She has her mother’s full support and sacrifices to thank for her success in life. Julie admits that being Haitian taught her to appreciate life and value every small gain she’s made along the way. Even today, she doesn’t take anything for granted because she knows how difficult it’s been to get to where she is now.

Education and Work

Julie got a master’s degree in nursing from Nova Southeastern University, which qualified her for the position of emergency room nurse. She loves her job because it allows her to help people, which is something she’s always done. However, she plans to go a step further and become a nurse practitioner, preferably within the following 12 months.

And this isn’t where Julie’s career story ends because she has even bigger dreams. One of them is to open a medical spa, along with an IV infusion center for those in need. She’s already qualified for it, and she hopes she can do it sooner rather than later.

In terms of personal development, Julie wants to work out more and maybe even practice her singing abilities. The latter will most likely remain a hobby because she admits she has stage fright, so she isn’t quite the entertainer she needs to be to pursue a career in this field.

A Word of Advice to Young Haitians

Julie believes that everybody can achieve what she’s managed to achieve in life. The only requirements are self-confidence, hard work, education, and faith. You can’t do anything without these core requirements, but there’s another aspect that is just as important, and that’s mental health.

Julie believes that every young man and woman with challenging backgrounds should care for their mental health in the long run. This advice also applies to all people in general since you cannot achieve anything without a healthy mind and a positive attitude. This is why Julie hopes to one day create an online platform where she can inspire people to care for themselves and discover their true potential.

She aims to assist those in need by teaching and preaching the importance of mental health, how to detect problems early on, and how to treat them accordingly.


Julie Monfleury considers herself to be a free and social spirit. She loves to go out with her friends, dress up, visit various restaurants, walk the beach, swim, and go on vacations. She would love to travel to other countries if her schedule allows because she wants to expand her horizons and experience other cultures.

She admits, though, that at the moment, she’s over her head with work and studying, so she’s not able to scratch that itch just yet. However, her to-do list is always by her side.

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