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Stephen Dassin – Fitness Meets the Creative Arts

By Alex Popa

Stephen Dassin is a Haitian-born man who migrated with his mother to the States at a very young age. He admits that this has been a life-changing experience for him but not in a positive sense at first. Part of that was because of the stigma surrounding immigrants at that time, which forced Stephen and his mother to struggle for everything they would achieve along the way.

This is the very reason why Stephen Dassin owes his mother everything and considers her his role model in life. “My mother inspires me. She’s the hardest-working woman that I know, and that alone lights a fire in me to do and want better for myself.” And he has demonstrated precisely that. Stephen is now a very successful individual compared to many Haitians his age who didn’t have the opportunity to leave the country to pursue a better life for themselves.

Work and Long-Term Goals

Stephen earned his bachelor’s degree in graphic design and currently works as a maintenance technician, but he admits that this is just a temporary occupation. He has bigger goals than that. As a future goal, he hopes to someday work in the health and fitness department to aid those with physical disabilities. If that doesn’t work, breaking into a creative field such as marketing, photography, advertising, or graphic design are all viable options.

Stephen has already taken steps to bring this dream to life, which is why he’s already opened his first brand, HERC FITNESS, now available in a second location as well. Additionally, he also hopes to create a bikini women’s brand called HERCini, which he’s already working on.

Stephen considers himself to be a resourceful and talented individual, but he believes that nothing can replace education and hard work, which is why he’s constantly improving himself in all areas and working tirelessly to achieve his goals.

What Young Haitians Need to Succeed in Life

Stephen believes that his situation is by no means unique. Everybody can do what he’s achieved in life, provided they’re determined, hard-working, and keeping their eyes on the big prize. He reveals this simple fact himself, saying: “My demographic largely comprises people of island descent. This shows to my clients and my audience that no matter who you are and where you are from, if you dream big enough anything can happen.”

However, no matter how determined you are, you cannot succeed in anything if you’re not physically, mentally, and spiritually stable and healthy. Health is an area in which Stephen hopes to make the most of his impact. He believes that the youth require guidance and support, and everything begins with a healthy body and mind.

This is one of the things that motivates Stephen in everything he does. His plan is to create a robust online presence so that he can inspire and support the Haitian youth to change their lives. “Everything in life stems from having proper and optimal health to operate at the highest level (mentally, physically, and spiritually),” Stephen says, as he actively works to bring that philosophy to life.

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