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Staying Strong and Motivated with Juline Gurney

By Alex Popa

Juline Gurney is a Haitian American personal trainer and former model and actress. She was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, and now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Juline says she’s living her dream life working in fitness and supporting her clients on their journey to better health. She’s always been passionate about fitness, health, and wellness, so she made it her life’s mission to preach the message and help others. Juline told us: “I made it my life work to help people, especially women, to exercise and eat healthier to live a longer healthier life and to stay off prescription drugs.”

For Juline, age is just a number. Indeed, even as she’s approaching her 59th birthday, she still tries to maintain an active lifestyle and challenge herself with new fitness goals. She revealed that she plans to get back on the stage to earn her PRO card in her next fitness competition. Besides keeping her body in tip-top shape for her fitness career, Juline also wants to prove that there never comes a time to give up on your goals. She told us: “I want our Haitian women to see me and say to themselves ‘If she can look this way at 58, so can I.’ It’s all about the mindset I want to cultivate in others.”

Longstanding Career in Fitness

Juline has been working in fitness for a long time now. She’s not only a popular and accomplished personal trainer but also an owner of an equipment financing company called JLP Group Inc. She helps gyms and other companies acquire the equipment they need to run their businesses. On the fitness front, in 2009, she made it into the Miami Herald as a top fitness trainer.

Her transformation story also made it into the 2019 “Ultimate Home Body” issue of Oxygen Magazine. However, she doesn’t just work in the gym. She also sets fitness goals outside of her work. Between 2007 and 2009, Juline completed three full marathons. She also achieved first place in The NPC Topamania Classics fitness competition in 2019, besides earning top three in many other competitions.

Finding Success in the Activewear Business

Quality activewear is very important for comfort when working out. That’s why Juline wanted to step up her game and offer just that. Launched in May 2021, her fitness clothing line “I AM” already offers a wide selection of leggings, hoodies, shirts, and sports bras. The line is specifically thought out to be comfortable but also stylish. The business is currently running only online. Interested clients can find out more about the products by visiting or the Instagram page “iamactivewear”.

Health Initiatives for Haitian Youth

Juline uses her platform to promote a healthier lifestyle. She involves herself in research studies and collaborates with professionals in medicine and nutrition to support government health initiatives in her community. She believes Haitians should especially try to improve their eating and exercise habits to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. In Juline’s words: “We Haitians love delicious food, and we were never taught portion control. That is a major problem in our society, and it is causing obesity starting in our kids at a very young age.”

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