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Elfrantz Leon: Making the Music Happen

By Alex Popa

Elfrantz Leon was born in Verretes, Haiti, and now lives in the Dominican Republic. He’s a booking manager for the Haitian music industry and helps budding artists get in touch with managers and other artists. His artistic personality has multiple outlets, as he’s also an aspiring artist, model, and clothing designer, and paints on the side.

Life Goals

If you’d have asked him what his goals were a couple of years back, he’d have said he wanted to be a lawyer. But he had to give up on that dream to help his little brother go to college and become a lawyer. His hard work paid off in the end, and he admits this is the biggest accomplishment in his life. He’s most proud of helping his brother achieve his dreams!

As for personal goals, Elfrantz wants to become a renowned manager for artists in the Afrobeats music genre. His extensive experience as a booking manager will make his journey much easier. He also sees himself working as a model or clothing designer for worldwide brands like Versace, Dior, or Gucci. His physical shape and taste in clothing certainly warrant such dreams!

He also sees himself working as a personal trainer, owning his own gym, and teaching people about healthy living. He says he’d promote the healthy life habits that helped him get to where he is today.

…hard work, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle…

How Would He Impact His Audience if Given the Chance?

Elfrantz doesn’t hesitate to say that, if given a large enough audience, he would promote hard work, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle. In his view, Haitian models, entrepreneurs, and artists have much more to offer to the world, and they only need a push. He sees himself as a catalyst for the advance of the Haitian industry.

Being both a certified personal trainer and booking agent, he could have a substantial impact on the lives of many people. Whether they’re budding artists, singers, painters, or people looking for a healthier lifestyle, Leon can help them. In fact, getting his own platform and audience would be a dream come true for Elfrantz. He wants to make a positive impact on people’s lives, and this is the only way he can do it.

Who inspires him?

Elfrantz says he doesn’t have a specific source of inspiration that paved the way for him. Instead, he says he enjoys the freedom of being an artist because it allows him to dream big, without limitations. His free-thinking lifestyle suits him, considering how he’s a bona fide painter.

He says he’ll keep investing in himself and build more experience to achieve his dreams. It was a real pleasure interviewing him, and we wish him the best of luck in whatever he sets out to do in the future!

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