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How the Ayiti Music Hall of Fame & Museum Preserves Legacies for Generations

By Martine St. Hilaire The Ayiti Music Hall of Fame & Museum (AMMHOF) is a non-profit organization whose primary focus is to uplift, educate and...

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The Glory Candle: Rekindle Your Inner Peace with Johane Herard

By Alex Popa Johane Herard and The Glory Candle are a match made in heaven. Johane, a young entrepreneur, is in love with the therapeutic...
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Haitian Fruits and Juices

Haiti has no shortage of tropical fruits for locals and tourists to enjoy. A lot of the native cuisine in the country contains fruit...

Haitian Cake Recipe

Sos Pwa Nwa Recipe

Young Haitians

Neurodiversity and Lessons in Kindness from Patricia Bien Aime

By Alex Popa Patricia Bien Aime was born in Haiti and now lives in Boynton Beach, Florida. All her life, she had to deal with...
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