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Top-Ranked Haitian Real Estate Mogul Jean Sorel Celebrates 20 Years of Success

By Martine St. Hilaire Jean Marc Govern Sorel is a native of Bainet, Haiti who immigrated to Miami, Florida on New Year’s Day in 2000....

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Paradi’s Kremas by Loyola Philogene

INTRO: Paradi’s Kremas is Loyola Philogene’s pride and joy, her form of appreciation for the cultural values of Haiti.
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Clarin 2018 Jacmel

Mayi Moulen Recipe

Vladymir Acloque

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Big Strides for The Haitian Community – Mickaël Déjean

By Alex Popa Mickaël Déjean is a native Haitian currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. He immigrated to the US to pursue higher education and...
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