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Haitian Breakfast

When you look at a typical western breakfast, it consists of eggs, bacon, hash browns and sausage. Either that or it might be a nice big bowl of cereal and milk. However, the Haitians prepare their breakfast meals differently. They incorporate more ingredients and richness in their breakfast recipes. You will understand that more as you learn about Haitian breakfast dishes and combinations. 

Below are the top eight Haitian breakfast meals.

1) Haitian Spaghetti

You’re probably wondering how spaghetti could ever be considered a breakfast meal. Most people in the western world eat spaghetti for dinner, but not Haitians. They love to prepare their unique spaghetti recipe for breakfast. It is a recipe that consists of pasta sauce, boiled hot dog pieces and spaghetti. It is a rather simple recipe, and the outcome is tremendous.

2) Plaintain Porridge

Plaintain porridge is a popular Haitian breakfast that includes plantains and flour as its two base ingredients. You’ll also find oatmeal, cinnamon, milk, almond extract and nutmeg. Some people choose to include all of these additional ingredients or only some of them. It all depends on which flavors you like the most.  

3) Cornmeal

The Haitians refer to cornmeal as Mayi Moulen, which translates to mashed corn. You can prepare Haitian cornmeal in a few different ways. The normal way requires coarse cornmeal, spices, shallots and garlic. But if you want additional ingredients to enhance the taste and nutrition of the meal, then add some spinach, beans and cilantro. On top of that, you have the option to put some avocado on there for additional flavor.

4) Corn Flour Shake

A corn flour shake is like a porridge shake because it contains many of the same ingredients. It has cinnamon, corn flour and evaporated milk, for starters. It also has star anise and should be served with toasted bread and butter. Haitians love to drink a corn flour shake if they need to consume a quick breakfast in the morning before heading out to work.

5) Eggs with Plantains

Haitians love to eat plantains and eggs together. Plantains are a greener and thicker banana that is not as sweet as yellow bananas. You must peel and boil the plantains before putting them in a bowl.

As for the eggs, they need to be scrambled so you can mix them with the plantains more easily. You can make the plantains sweet by mixing the eggs and plantains with sweet peppers. But if you’d rather have spicy and savory plantains, then mix them with spicy peppers.

6) Haitian Fruits

Many Haitians don’t always have time to prepare a premium breakfast meal. They’ll sometimes have to resort to eating their favorite fruits for breakfast instead. Since Haiti is in a tropical location, there are a number of popular native fruits that Haitians love to turn into a fruit plate for breakfast. Some of which include oranges, peaches, apples, lemons, pineapples, pears, strawberries, grapes and bananas.

7) Haitian Egg Omelet

Here is a Haitian breakfast meal that foreigners should enjoy. It includes a lot of the same ingredients you’d find in a traditional omelet, such as eggs, scallions, onions, garlic, cooking oil, salt and pepper. Some Haitians like to put plantains inside the omelet too, which is totally optional. It depends on how much of the Haitian culture you want to incorporate into the omelet.

8) Fried Ripe Plantains

Another quick Haitian breakfast is fried ripe plantains. These are straight up plantains that you fry on a skillet or frying pan with some cooking oil. If you don’t have any eggs or other ingredients to add to it, then you can make fried ripe plantains without any hassles.

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