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Chicmoiselle Boutique – Where Customer Satisfaction Is Everything – with Carla, Cassandra, and Phanyola

By Alex Popa

Carla and Cassandra Simplice, along with Phanyola Joseph, are young entrepreneurs with a deep passion for fashion and everything it entails. They opened their online store, Chicmoiselle Boutique (, on March 6, 2021, and, ever since, they’ve been enjoying wild acclaim from their public. The three women have clothing and hair lines, and they sell chic clothes and hair products of the highest quality.

Carla Simplice
Carla Simplice

They’ve been in love with clothing, hair products, and style ever since they were little kids, always trying out new makeup routines and dressing to impress.

Who Are Carla, Cassandra, and Phanyola?

Carla, Cassandra, and Phanyola are three Haitian-American ladies who decided to put their love of fashion to work for them. They’ve been in love with clothing, hair products, and style ever since they were little kids, always trying out new makeup routines and dressing to impress. Since starting Chicmoiselle Boutique, they’ve delivered top-notch hair products and clothes to their clients, earning many returning customers over time.

“We aim to make our customers happy with our goods, so they feel comfortable wearing our clothes and using our hair products,” the business partners said in an interview.

Cassandra Simplice
Cassandra Simplice

During the upcoming 2022 holidays, Chicmoiselle Boutique will be conducting a big sale and promoting its newer products to the public. They have said that the Haitian-American community comprises a large part of their clientele, and they may have special discounts for them.

What Do They Aim to Accomplish?

Satisfaction and happiness are the things that Carla, Cassandra, and Phanyola  target with their products. Hair regimes and clothing are second nature to them, and they found it natural to spread their passion for fashion to other people. Chicmoiselle Boutique was built with the ideals of excellence and top-tier products from which clients can benefit the most.

Currently, Chicmoiselle Boutique has one physical location and an online store. Still, the two women hope to expand their business to multiple states in the next few years. So far, they’ve had great success with their clothing and hair lines, and they haven’t forgotten to give back to the community that raised them.

What Impact Do They Want to Have?

Carla, Cassandra, and Phanyola are humble about their success and say that it couldn’t have been possible without the support of the Haitian-American community. They’ve been very supportive of their products on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, which has helped them tremendously. They took this to heart, and they started supporting their community as well.

They’ve organized several pop-up shows in which entrepreneurs have a chance to display and sell their products, and they’ve also sponsored back-to-school giveaways. Further contributions are planned in the future, but, first, they want to expand Chicmoiselle Boutique and reach more people. In the end, customer satisfaction is everything to Carla and Cassie Simplice!




Address: 111 NW 183rd St #422, North Miami Beach, FL 33169

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