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Fighting for Haiti with Naldy Morisset

By Alex Popa

Naldy Morisset was born in Miami, Florida, but she now lives in Naples with her two daughters. They are one of her greatest accomplishments and the pride of her life, as a matter of fact. Naldy views motherhood as something to be proud of, especially considering that she’s a Haitian, and she’s faced discrimination before. However, in her view, “Quitting is never an option. There is strength and perseverance in my blood!”

Naldy graduated from FGCU with a BA in business management and is now working in her chosen field. However, she has other goals for the future—to help Haiti rise from the ashes and support the ascension of its citizens. Naldy wants to build a self-sustaining organization or business in Haiti to bring new jobs and opportunities to the people there.

How Does Naldy Want to Help Haiti?

According to Naldy, the economy and agriculture are the main issues in Haiti. They are being managed inefficiently, and far too few opportunities exist in these fields. If she were to create a company there, she could provide jobs for so many people and change their lives forever. She loves her parents’ country and believes Haiti has a rich history, culture, and strong traditions.

“Haiti has a colorful history that had an impact across multiple countries, including America. It’s worth preserving in my eyes!” This is what Naldy says with passion in her voice. Out of all the interviewees we’ve talked to, Naldy is among the most passionate about helping Haiti rise up from the ground. She’s extremely dedicated to this cause and will stop at nothing to see Haiti rebuilt one day!

What Would Naldy Promote to Her Audience?

Naldy Morisset goes straight to the point and says she’d promote the wonders of her home country, Haiti. “There are so many great things in Haiti, like its colorful history, artistic culture, stoic and relentless mentality, optimistic view on life, I would promote them all for the world to see,” says Naldy. To her, it’s not a question of how but of when to help Haiti. She has so many ideas that she’ll be busy in the near future!

For instance, Naldy could build a philanthropic organization to help Haitians in need with food, clothes, or other toiletries. She could also provide jobs in Haiti or donate to orphanages and schools for needy children. There are so many things she could do to help Haiti that, frankly, Naldy doesn’t know where to begin.

What Does She Do for Fun?

Naldy is a self-proclaimed traveler. She likes going to different countries and learning about their cultures, immersing herself in the history of the places she visits. She also loves legal thrillers and running. Interestingly enough, she’s completed several half-marathons and is looking forward to completing an entire marathon in the future.

Her interests are varied and fun, and they certainly take away her worries about the plans she has for her business in Haiti. Rest is needed sometimes, and Naldy does take free time when she needs it. You can contact Naldy Morisset at “Excuse_my_blonde” on Instagram or at “Paris629” on YouTube!

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