Sunday, October 1, 2023

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Creole Tutors – Promoting Haitian Culture by Empowering Its Future Community Leaders

By Alex Popa Ms. Yveta Brise is the operations and marketing director at Creole Tutors, an online platform that teaches Creole to willing participants aged...

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The Glory Candle: Rekindle Your Inner Peace with Johane Herard

By Alex Popa Johane Herard and The Glory Candle are a match made in heaven. Johane, a young entrepreneur, is in love with the therapeutic...
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Food Recipes


Macaroni au Gratin Recipe

Macaroni au Gratin Macaroni au Gratin is not just made one way. Haitians from different regions of the country will add a few of their...

Haitian Cremas Recipe

Mayi Moulen Recipe

Young Haitians

Perfected Modeling with Isebervenda Bienneston

By Alex Popa Isebervenda Bienneston was born in Haiti, in the Gonaives, and now lives in Florida. Her parents were Haitian immigrants who moved to...
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