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Dr. Alande Brezault Considers Expanding his Medical Practice to Serve Even More Haitian Communities

By Martine St. Hilaire

Alande Brezault, M.D. was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is happily married and has two daughters. His greatest achievement is becoming the recipient of the 2020 Clinical Faculty Teaching award at AUC School of Medicine. His other achievements include becoming Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at FIU, St. Georges, AUC, and Ross Medical School. He won the Resident of the Year award at UPMC Harrisburg Hospital in 2000. That same year, he took his board certification exam and received his certification from the American Board of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. He is also a fellow of the American College of Physicians and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at North Shore Medical Center. In 2011, he became vice chief of staff at North Shore. In 2012, he became Medical Director of Utilization Review at Jackson North Medical Center. In 2016, he became a governing board member at North Shore.

As for his philanthropic work, Dr. Brezault currently serves at the ISA Foundation: Medical School Alumni Association to help medical school students in Haiti. He also promotes medical education domestically and abroad and contributes to local nonprofit organizations.

…recipient of the 2020 Clinical Faculty Teaching award at AUC School of Medicine.

Dr. Brezault has interacted with the Haitian community by hosting radio and TV shows. He’s been promoting the community for the past ten years. He also participated in various relief efforts, including providing healthcare services to patients infected with cholera and effective immunization education on COVID-19. He’s gained support from politicians and elected officials committed to serving the Haitian community.

In 2002, Dr. Brezault opened I and B Medical Associates with a fellow Haitian doctor, Claude A. Innocent, M.D. Just before he opened the Miami practice, he trained in internal medicine at University of Pittsburg Medical Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, then worked in Pennsylvania for two years before moving to South Florida. He contributed to a cultural representation of the Haitian community through his medical practice. In the beginning, the entire medical team faced the same sorts of financial limitations that many new businesses face. He was also up against fierce competition, but he persevered and maintained a focus on high-quality service in a highly regulated industry.

The Haitian population has received I&B so well that Dr. Brezault and his team have introduced multiple tag lines throughout the years that resonated with the community. They include phrases like, “Lakay Se Lakay,” “Santem Sé Pi Gwo Richesse Mwen,” “I and B Se Lavi,” “Tout Pasyan Sé Fanmi,” “Health and Wellness We Do It Best,” and “Come Here, Come to I and B Medical.”

Dr. Brezault considers himself a servant to the Haitian community. His commitment to excellence in healthcare delivery and customer care is what makes him stand out from his competitors. He believes there’s always room for improvement when running a business. “We truly love our patients and want them to have the same or better care that patients of other communities receive no less,” he says.

The advice Dr. Brezault would give to a young person trying to start a business is to work hard, not cut corners, follow the rules, respect and treat your staff fairly, invest your profits back into the business with a focus on constantly improving your processes, keep the work environment clean – and always remember that the client is the true boss.

In the next five to ten years, Dr. Brezault plans to establish other medical centers of excellence on par with other communities. His goal is to promote wellness, prevention, and sound medical care to the Haitian community and others. I&B will continue to serve the Haitian community. It will also be scaled and expanded into other neighborhoods to better serve even more communities.

In his free time, Dr. Brezault enjoys watching the NBA, NFL, cooking, dining at restaurants, traveling, reading, and playing board games with his family.

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