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Valmas Cremas by Val Marius 


Promoting Haiti Globally with the Caribbean’s Best Cremas—Valmas Cremas

Cremas, a popular drink in Haiti, has served as a staple for many generations. Parties, celebrations, religious ceremonies, business meetings—have all been a welcoming occasion for a drink to be poured. Some of us have seen this delicacy come to life in our very own kitchens.

Mr. Val Marius, the cremas connoisseur himself, took the original cremas we all became familiar with in our homes and brought the idea to the wider world. Mr. Marius remembers intensely how his father described watching his grandmother put their recipe to work. Then, just as a rite of passage, Val, too, absorbed the makings of cremas. As a result, we can proudly introduce Valmas Cremas, a thriving cream liqueur franchise.

Out of a tradition dating back many decades, Mr. Valery Marius became inspired to not only introduce what he had learned about this celebratory drink but to create a brand that everyone could enjoy. Cream liqueur is not a new concept. But to take this popular Haitian drink and immerse it into what other cultures know and love, that is where we find its uniqueness.

The power of inclusion has opened doors and multiplied the success of Valmas Cremas. Mr. Val Marius took a recipe of an enriched mix of condensed and evaporated milk, adjusted its elements by retaining the palm cream, which keeps the base neutral, and created what today is a unique blend of cremas, infused with balance, complexity, and harmony.

Out of the many accomplishments, we highlight Valmas Cremas as a gold medal recipient at the world’s most prestigious and largest competition of its kind: the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Earning a gold medal from the organization not only helps brands enter and stand out in the U.S. and international markets but is a critical next step for any producer to earn recognition in the industry and with consumers.

The proof is in the pudding. And if you couldn’t find just how different this brand is from the usual cremas vendor, I would suggest taking a stroll inside a Total Wine store. Inside this liquor superstore chain, you will find on one of their many shelves, Valmas Cremas in one or many of their delectable flavors: the original coconut, almond/vanilla, coffee, mango, chocolate, strawberry, or pistachio banana, with many more to come.

Avec fièrté, we remember the Haitian history of cremas. With open arms, we embrace differences within the community and introduce a lighter, smoother, plant-based drink to be indulged by all.

Drink responsibly.




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