Welcome ” M J ” Haitian International Female rap artist


” M J ” music is like no other in her music you will find Love, Pain, Suffering, and Hope. ” M J” started doing music at the age of seven. She was born in Haiti, moved to New York and now lives in Boston. Growing up wasn’t easy she recalled being bullied while living in New York City because she’s Haitian with an accent the kids would laugh and tease her. ” M J ” quickly developed a thick skin and brushed it off and grew stronger as a person.

If you have a dream, go for it.

Moving to Boston where she would try to advance her music career, she met the owner of Star One Music Group through a mutual friend. Gregory St. Juste the founder of Star One Music Group quickly recognized the talent that ” M J ” has and signed her to advance her music career. Since then ” M J ” career started blossom doing shows all around the world and her movement is growing every minute. ” M J“ wants her fans to know she appreciate them and if you have a dream, go for it.

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