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Get to Know Public Relations Guru Nephtalie Hyacinthe

Written by Martine St. Hilaire

Nephtalie Hyacinthe was born in Haiti’s city of independence, Gonaïves. She is the daughter of a late Baptist preacher and pedagogical practice educator. She now resides in the beautiful city of Miramar in Florida. She’s also the owner, president, and chief public relations strategist of Talie & Co. Strategies, a full-service public relations boutique specializing in media placement, community outreach, personalized PR consulting, and special events. Her company offers an array of services that can take any business from local to global status. Services include:

  • PR: for businesses looking to conduct community outreach events, media relations, content creation, and collaborations with influencers
  • Marketing: for businesses that can benefit from email marketing, social media strategy planning, and event marketing
  • Special events: perfect for organizers in need of audience outreach, media management, and VIP set-ups
  • Personalized consultation: for businesses that want to do PR on their own but be guided by a customized, well-crafted strategy

As a preacher’s kid and daughter of an educator, Hyacinthe was exposed to public relations early on. In fact, she was doing PR without even realizing it. She became her father’s personal assistant at the age of twelve and because of that, she had an advantage. “My father used to feed many neighborhoods in several parts of Haiti. I had to know how to reach out and prepare letters to send to major non-profit organizations such as CARE and the Red Cross,” she said. She enjoyed changing people’s lives.

Hyacinthe moved to the United States years later. Her younger sister worked for a PR agency she didn’t enjoy much. Hyacinthe started going to her sister’s job just to keep her entertained. The next thing she knew, she was getting hands-on training. A few years after that, she changed her degree from pharmaceutical chemistry to public relations with a minor in journalism and professional writing.


“Support other women who can’t do anything for you and applaud women who are not power-hungry.”

The key to Hyacinthe’s success with how she markets her business to her community is studying the competition. She chooses to do the opposite of what they’re doing by implementing creative ideas. She advertises indirectly and markets a great deal to the Haitian community. She also mentors young people.

Hyacinthe’s greatest accomplishment is raising an eloquent and extremely kind daughter. A word of advice she gives to Haitian women who want to become entrepreneurs is, “Support other women who can’t do anything for you and applaud women who are not power-hungry.” She also encourages women to take time out for themselves and learn how to shut the world out when necessary.

In the future, Talie & Co. Strategies will relocate to Broward County. “Expect to see some real changes happening in the media aspect of the Haitian-American community because of my company,” she stated. She also plans to continue her father’s legacy by starting a non-profit organization to help people in need in whatever they want to accomplish.




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