Insights on Female Urology


By Dr. Angelo E. Gousse

Urology Specialist

Female urology also known as Female Pelvic medicine and Reconstructive surgery is a subspecialty of urology that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions that affect the quality of life of women.

Kondisyon iwolojik yo ak opsyon tretman pou fanm varye konsiderableman paske anatomi kò yo pa menm epi sistèm òmonal yo diferan avèk pa gason yo.

The urologic conditions and treatment options for women vary significantly, because women have different anatomy and hormonal milieu than men. Over the past ten years there has been significant advances in the field of   Female Pelvic Medicine and reconstructive surgery (FPMRS). These advances include a better understanding of the disease processes and management options. Furthermore, several guidelines for management have been developed as a result of numerous evidence-based studies to guide the clinician.

Common Urologic conditions which fall within the domain of Female Urology include: recurrent urinary tract infections, overactive bladder, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, urethral syndrome, urinary fistula, interstitial cystitis (Bladder Pain Syndrome), urethral diverticula, female urethra stricture and female sexual dysfunction. 

Female urologic disorders affect a large portion of the population. Female Urology also known know as Female pelvic medicine is a broad field. The surgical techniques are varied and technically challenging. The treatment options are best dictated by an accurate diagnosis. The most successful female urologists are the most astute diagnosticians.

Dr Gousse, a Yale College of Medicine graduate, is professor of Urology and Board Certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery   He is appointed to the executive board of the Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine & Urogenital Reconstruction (SUFU) where he serves as the Chairperson of the SUFU Residency Committee.  He chairs and organizes the yearly SUFU Resident Rodney Appell Preceptoship course in Chicago. He was the Chairperson for the prestigious AUA – SUFU meeting (2014). As a former Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeons (GURS) executive board member he led a group of reconstructive surgeons to train urologists in third world countries.

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