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Dr. Jim Francois, DPM

Do you know that foot problems can lead to neck and shoulder pain, upper and lower back pain, hip, and knee pain. Your feet normally function as a shock absorber while walking, which help decrease stress to the joints of the lower legs and back. The type of foot you have, whether it is a high arch foot or abnormally flat foot or one leg longer than the other, can cause pain due to lack of support or increased stress to the above joints.

The type of foot you have, whether it is a high arch foot or abnormally flat foot or one leg longer than the other, can cause pain due to lack of support or increased stress to the above joints.

3 examples of abnormalities that can lead to pain are:

  1. Pes cavus (high arch foot)
  2. Pes planovalgus (abnormal flat foot)
  3. Leg length inequality (one leg longer than the other)

Pes Cavus (High Arch Foot)

In a pes cavus type foot, the longitudinal arch is abnormally high and mostly leads to:

  1. Abnormal weight-bearing stress (pain to the side of the foot, heel pain [plantar fasciitis])
  2. Ankle pain/instability
  3. Knee pain
  4. Sciatica
  5. Low back pain
  6. Restricted foot mobility and difficulty in fitting shoes

Neuromuscular issues can also be associated with pes cavus; therefore, a thorough assessment is necessary.

Pes Planovalgus (abnormal flat foot)

Flat foot is normal and can be seen in infants, children, and some adults.  The problem is when the rearfoot turns inward, it will lead to:

  1. Part of the midfoot to collapse
  2. Bunion deformity
  3. Tendinitis
  4. Arthritis of the foot/ankle
  5. Plantar fasciitis
  6. Knee pain
  7. Low back pain

Leg length inequality (One leg longer than the other)

The leg length inequality creates a muscle imbalance which not only can lead to muscle spasm and low back pain but to increased weight-bearing on the longer leg causing more stress and arthritic changes to the knees, hips, and vertebral column.

Dr Jim Francois
Dr Jim Francois

It is a good idea to check with your Podiatrist for a comprehensive assessment.  Pain medications and injection are not the long-term solution.

My recommendations:

  1. Comprehensive assessment
  2. Proper shoe wear
  3. Exercises
  4. Custom-made orthotics
  5. Surgery as the last resort

In my practice, we try to treat the causes not the symptoms for long lasting relief. So, stop by to see what we can do for you.

About Jim Francois, D.P.M., P.T, PA

Podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon Jim François, DPM, PT, PA offers a full range of foot and ankle procedures to patients in and around North Miami Beach, Florida. From treating tendonitis to caring for diabetic foot wounds, Dr. François provides the type of care and concern for patients he’d like to receive himself.

At his practice, Dr. François offers traditional podiatric medicine procedures and treatments. He addresses patients’ needs regarding foot deformities, including bunions, hammer toe, and flat foot. He also provides care for acute foot and ankle problems and injuries, including sprains, strains, breaks, and inflammation issues, like tendinitis, as well as sporting injuries.

Dr. François began his medical education in physical therapy at Florida A&M University. He then attended podiatry school at Barry University in downtown Miami.

With almost a decade of practicing foot and ankle surgery and podiatry in southern Florida, Dr. François has a reputation for compassionate and comprehensive care. Whether patients need treatment for a fungal nail infection or a reconstructive surgery after a severe break, they get the thorough and effective care they need and deserve with Dr. François.

Dr.François also serves the communities of Aventura, Miami, Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes, North Miami, Opa-Locka, and Sunny Isles, FL.


Jim Francois, DPM, PT, PA

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