Vladymir Acloque


Written by A. De Lara, from “Ayiti Pam Nan” (ayitipamnan5@gmail.com)

Vladymir Acloque is an intentionally unschooled artist born with an innate ability to create realistic drawings, as well as brilliantly colorful expressions of emotion.  His work ranges from pure abstraction to large portraits of the people of his homeland; a juxtaposition of abstract splashes of color on faces, radiating the patient suffering of the Haitian people.

His abstract work are symphonies of liquid color moving over the canvas like waves of the ocean surrounding his island nation.  He creates these expressionistic works by moving Acrylic across large canvases directing the movement of these liquid colors as they slide into each other, building a painted surface that speaks to the viewer much as an orchestra conductor creates a pallet of music for the ears of the listener.

His portraits combine his fine hand for capturing the likenesses of his people with his ability to transmit emotional expression, connecting the viewer through the eyes of his faces to their souls.  This rare ability to combine line and color, layering splashes of interlocking images over faces of pure emotion, makes his art a captivating experience.  The viewer is caught by the eyes of his faces, transfixed as they stare hauntingly out from the canvas.

The bodies on his hybrid sculpture-paintings leap out at the viewer from the canvas, almost life size, as they emerge from the flat surfaces of his canvas.  They tell their stories to the viewer without words, inviting us to walk around them, asking us to imagine their origin, luring us into the canvas to share their experiences.  As we see these sculptures floating on their painted surfaces, they seem far too heavy to be suspended.   The impossibility of this vertical placement of sculpture on canvas creates a super-real effect on the viewer; an unexpected bond between the viewer and the art.

Vladymir is a constantly evolving artist, not bound by the conventions of formal training, but exploring the edges of his expressive ability.  When asked, he is unable to define the source of his inspiration.  He describes the process of creating his works as emptying his mind, allowing his energy to flow naturally onto his canvases.  To encounter his works is to step into this space with him, to connect with the soul and spirit of a natural artist.

If you have questions o how to participate, please reach out to Alexandra De Lara or Jesika Maiga at ayitipamnan5@gmail.com, or by phone at (305) 905-5435 and (786) 266-7387