Abaka Bay Resort


Abaka Bay Resort – in Ile-à-Vache, Haiti

The Abaka Bay Resort sits on the Caribbean Island of Île-à-Vache, which is French for “Cow Island.” Île-à-Vache is one of the satellite islands of Haiti. You’ll find it on the southwestern peninsula of the country.

Despite the name “Cow Island,” you won’t find too many cows on the island. Instead, you’ll find picturesque beaches with white sand and clear blue water. The Indians used to call the island “land of beautiful waters” because the surrounding seawater was so pristine and gorgeous.

Hundreds of years ago, it was said that Caribbean pirates used to visit the island. Some legends even suggest that sunken pirate ships with treasure might be somewhere close to the island. Archaeologists continue to search for these treasure ships to this very day.

As for the Abaka Bay Resort, it is the ideal island beach resort. Aside from the smooth sugary sand and crystal-clear water, you won’t see any cars or trucks on the island. In fact, you will be required to take a boat to the island once you get to the coast of the mainland.

This hotel’s stunning setting is everything you could hope for, and the guests here tend not to be disappointed with the views. Situated amongst the mountains and sea, you’ll get all of the atmosphere and revitalization of a luxury getaway. The setting is just the start though – so check out the other reasons why you should consider staying at Abaka Bay Resort.


If you want a secluded hotel for your vacation or event, then you have found one. The Abaka Bay Resort is a four-star hotel that is away from the mainland. It is like a hidden resort paradise that you won’t believe is there until you see it for yourself. Once you arrive at the hotel, you’ll never want to leave again.

It is a long journey to get to the hotel from the airport, but it is worth every minute. You’ll first arrive at Antoine-Simon Airport in Les Cayes. A shuttle from the hotel will be waiting for you at the airport. You must pay a surcharge for this service, but it is worth it. The drive from the airport to the docks will take 148 minutes.

Once you arrive at the docks, you will take a boat on over to the island. By that point, you’ll simply want to relax and enjoy all the amenities of the hotel. Make sure you’re in the mood for an island paradise because the only way off the island is by taking the boat back to the mainland.

The Activities

The Abaka Bay Resort has 26 rooms with air conditioning. They also come with safes, bottled water, showers, ceiling fans, Wi-Fi internet access, irons, ironing boards, free breakfast, and laundry service. If you have babies or small children with you, the hotel offers free cribs and infant beds to all guests who need them.

If you want to participate in any outdoor activities, you can take part in kayaking, cave exploring, sailing, snorkelling, biking, hiking, beach volleyball, sunbathing and swimming. You can find plenty of water and island adventures to have on this island. It is an outdoor lover’s dream paradise. If you like doing these kinds of activities, then it will be your dream paradise too.

If you’d prefer a more relaxed activity, you could always take advantage of the spa services for any additional charge. There are also beach loungers and beach umbrellas to help make you more comfortable outside as you enjoy the view of the aqua blue sea.

If you want to do more than just bask in the sunshine, the hotel offers plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Sail to the nearby islands, go snorkeling, or kayak down the coastline. Guests can also go horseback riding along the sand, take nature walks, play volleyball, ping-pong, darts or go deep-sea fishing. If you want culture or nature, head to the local fishing village, wander the markets, explore caves and check out some waterfalls.

Sail to the nearby islands, go snorkeling, or kayak down the coastline. Guests can also go horseback riding along the sand, take nature walks, play volleyball, ping-pong, darts or go deep-sea fishing.

The Location

The hotel’s location is a highlight. Off the beaten track, Abaka Bay is a secluded and exclusive enclave on the island of Ile a Vache, which can be reached by yacht in a mere 20 minutes from Les Caye. There are rolling hills, plenty of green landscapes and a crystal-clear blue sea to admire from the resort.

The Accommodation

Abaka’s bungalow-style rooms are all equipped with wraparound balconies, large windows, ceiling fans, air conditioning and fantastic views. If you’re looking for a more luxurious stay, deluxe beach house rooms and suites are also available. The rooms are situated only steps away from the beach, and even if you choose to stay inside, the décor will bring the laid-back atmosphere of the island life right to you.

The Food

You won’t go hungry here. Be sure to check out the gourmet options in the on-site restaurant. There are three different buffet meals, which include both international and Creole cuisine.

Wedding Space

Abaka Bay Resort does allow guests to host their weddings on the grounds of their property. Anyone interested in doing so must email the hotel staff ahead of time. It is recommended that you call at least a few months in advance to schedule the wedding at the hotel.

A lot of couples love to have weddings on the beach at the hotel. It is a much better experience than having a wedding indoors because you get the full scope of the ocean and sand as a backdrop for it.

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