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2023 Contest Info

What You Need to Know

*** LI AN KREYÒL *** Klike sou Drapo Ameriken an, epi apre klike sou Drapo Ayisyen an pou w ka li enfòmasyon sa an Kreyòl.

450+ Entries for 2023:

The magazine cover winner will receive a $4,000 one-year contract from Rankontre as its newest ambassador.

Start Date and End Date:
Voting starts at 6pm, June 1st, 2023
Voting ends at 11pm, June 15th, 2023

Goal #1:
Get enough votes to make it in the HOT 100.
The final 100 will each receive an interview and remain on the website.
Our website visitors will be able to read about you, your talent(s) and what you have to offer for years to come.

Goal #2:
Get enough votes to make it in the top 25 (Top 25 Men, Top 25 Women).
15 of the top 25 from each group will be featured inside the print/digital magazine.

Goal #3.
Get enough votes to make it in the top 15.
5 of the top 15 will be our finalists, and our cover winner will come from our finalists.

Getting Votes:
1 vote/like per day (every 24 hours) from a unique device (phone, computer, tablet).

Share your Entry Profile URL/Link to friends, to read why you like to be in the magazine and encourage them to vote for you.

To share any concerns or if you have any questions, please use the contest email:

The Search Is On!
Good luck!

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2022 H0T 100 - COVER

2023 H0T 100 - COVER