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Scuba Diving in the Waters of Haiti

By Megan Collier and Vladimir Milojevic

Have you ever wanted to explore the Caribbean not just from on top of the crystal blue waters but from underneath, taking in the natural wonders and creatures that make their homes just below the surface? Haiti offers all that you could possibly be looking for in a scuba diving experience whether it is your first time or you are an experienced diver.

Choose from a vast array of different scuba diving experts offering PADI courses, full or half-day excursions or even a dive and stay experience where you are able to get a whole package guaranteed to make your scuba diving experience one you will surely not soon forget. Companies like Marine Blue are able to make sure you head out to the waters feeling comfortable, safe and ready for days full of fun and adventure.

Every year, thousands of people make their way to Haiti simply to take advantage of the incredible waters just off the shores. With a rich marine life that includes species like sea turtles, rays, whales and plenty of colorful fish to see while exploring the coral reefs and many dive spots available to all visitors.

Scuba diving in Haiti has proven to be one of the best options for both solo travelers and those traveling in large groups or with a family for a number of reasons. For solo travelers, it means that you are automatically be immersed into a group of other travelers and get a chance to meet and become friends with your fellow divers. For families and friends, it provides a unique opportunity to bond with each other and create memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

“Up Close with Beautiful Creatures”

Being able to get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful creatures of the sea is something that you simply do not get to experience everyday. Taking advantage of the vast marine life, the plethora of knowledgeable guides in the area and the incredible weather that seems to take place in Haiti year-round is an absolute must while in the country.

Join the long list of previous visitors who can now check off of their bucket lists a fun, exciting and remarkable scuba diving experience in the waters of Haiti. You may just find that diving could become a regular part of your other travels around the world and all thanks to your first experience in Haiti.

“Dive Into Haiti’s World Famous Zombie Hole”

Haiti is primarily place with a handful of locations for scuba dive. One of the most famous is Zombie Hole, which descends to a depth slightly less than 150m and is very interesting to adventurers due to the particular species of marine sponge, known as The Elephant Ear Sponge. Those familiar to the subject say that this special type of marine sponge is usually located at depths around 40m, but besides the sponge, there various species of sea creatures and corals can be seen there as well as the environment which is impossible to observe anywhere else.

Very famous locations for divers from all over the world are: Fort-Liberté, Trou Forban and Île de la Gonâve. In addition to excursion and organized visit of the site, you can enjoy the night diving as well, which is very popular among tourists in search of an adventure.

While enjoying your favorite water activities, it is important to take care of water for that you can check motivational sayings and you should ensure the perfect accommodation, too. One of the resorts, definitely recommended to every tourist, is Moulin Sur Mer, located relatively close to Port-au-Prince airport. Prices are very reasonable and service is praised not only by families, but also by those who came to Haiti in the company of friends or with a partner.

Quick useful information:
Best places to dive: Fort-Liberté, Trou Forban and Île de la Gonâve
Best company to book: Marina Blue Haiti

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