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Haitian Couple’s Kremas Business Generates Over a Million Dollars Within 12 Months

By Alex Popa

Clifford attributes the Saveur Lakay Kremas’ success to his wife Srane and her unbreakable commitment to provide her children with a better life. That’s how it started.

The Humble Beginnings

Clifford and Srane have always had a beautiful and happy family. But they haven’t always had the easiest life. Clifford remembers when they couldn’t provide their children with everything they needed to ensure a rich and carefree life, so they had to make sacrifices. Ultimately, though, that wasn’t enough – and it was Srane who decided that she’d had enough.

She was still caring for their youngest son when she realized they couldn’t provide the little boy with the things that a child his age needed. This was the beginning of Saveurs Lakay and Kremas, the way we know them today. And it all started in a small apartment.

“We started selling Kremas because my wife was pregnant with my son, our youngest, and she needed to get stuff for the baby…”

“We started selling Kremas because my wife was pregnant with my son, our youngest, and she needed to get stuff for the baby. She was very stressed because, at 6 months in, we didn’t have the stuff she needed to have for the baby yet, which caused us both a lot of stress and uncertainty.

“Things changed fast from that point on. An idea turned into action and action turned a business idea into reality. Saveurs Lakay started in our Dessables’ small apartment, moved to a garage, then a production warehouse, and it now hopes to take the entire world by storm,” says Clifford, recalling their tumultuous but fruitful journey.

A Bright Future

Srane doesn’t believe she has created a beverage, but a legacy. “Saveurs Lakay is much more than a brand. We care about Haiti and its traditions, since they were the starting point for this brand. We strongly believe Haitian Kremas sells itself through its flavorful taste and creamy texture. Haitians value a good time spent with family during holidays or festivals. Kremas is the materialization of this closeness, a cultural inheritance that lives on even today. Saveurs Lakay wants to promote Haitian culture and traditions by sweetening your life through delicious Kremas.”

“We sell these products to connect Haitians in the diaspora with quality products from back home. I want to inspire and support more young people to start selling local products. Because if I can achieve this feat today, they can also do it. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and you’re ready to fight for your dreams,” says Srane.

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