Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Striving for Peak Fitness with Edlin St. Vil

By Alex Popa

Edlin St. Vil is a young man from Camp-Perrin, Haiti, who is now studying at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. In our interview with him, he was exceptionally clear about one thing: he’s passionate about football and fitness. He’s loved football since he was a small kid, playing around with his friends.

He wasn’t good at the sport, but wanted to improve. And his desire became an obsession. It’s something he describes as “a great substitute for talent, because talent is not a driving force.” He realized that to be good at something, he had to sacrifice other things. And that’s what he did. Through persistence, willpower, and discipline, he was eventually granted a scholarship to play football in the US.

What Motivates Edlin St. Vil?

Edlin has managed to find a middle ground between chasing an unhealthy, destructive obsession and a beneficial pursuit. But he doesn’t apply this mindset only to football. In his studies, Edlin succeeds phenomenally when he directs his efforts constructively. Talent is, after all, not a recipe for success if you don’t use it and leave it untapped.

This young man has achieved a state of mind that many of us never do. With discipline, he managed to avoid distractions and focus on what was truly important to him at the time: football. After countless sacrifices, he got to live his dream of playing soccer in the US. This goes to show that with enough effort, anyone can achieve their dreams if they play their cards right.

Success is a great motivator, but success comes only after you put in the effort, time, and sacrifices. Edlin understands that this applies to anything, including the improvement of Haiti, his home country.

He realized that to be good at something, he had to sacrifice other things.

Hopes for the future

Edlin is also a fitness enthusiast, and his body proves it. He dreams of opening a fitness center in Les Cayes, Haiti, to instill a love for fitness in the young generation of Haitian children and promote a code of ethics and discipline that can serve as the core of a happy life.

Sticking with a routine is tough work, but Edlin makes it work by being disciplined and by visioning his success. Long-term gratification, in his view, is what matters most and what young kids should strive for. To Edlin, fitness is the embodiment of patience leading to results. Hard work will eventually pay off.

He’s confident the new Haitian generation will be able to help Haiti grow because the country is on the brink of a technological revolution. They have access to technologies that past Haitian generations couldn’t even dream of. As such, their ability to do good is “larger than life itself,” says Edlin. He hopes to play a small role in Haiti’s development when he establishes his fitness center.

If you’re interested in contacting Edlin, you can find him on Instagram at “saintvil.edlin” or Facebook at Edlin Saint Vil Fried. We wish him good luck in his future endeavors!

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