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Jalen “Jay” Brannon: A DJ with an Eye on Tomorrow

By Alex Popa

Jalen Brannon, or as he likes to be called, Jay, is a spirited young man with a passion for music. The business has always appealed to Jay, and he’s been DJing since he was 13 years old. He says music is his biggest source of inspiration, the one thing that helps him push boundaries and tap into his creative potential.

Born in Queens NY and a current citizen of Delaware, Jalen is a sophomore at Wilmington University, where he is pursuing a degree in Psychology, focusing on behavioral analysis. Becoming a psychologist is just one of his dreams, as he’s a man of many interests who has much to learn and strive for.

Aspiring DJ and Psychologist

Janel’s biggest goal is to become an international DJ and spread Haitian music to everyone. “We have so much to offer,” he says. “But oftentimes we don’t get the platform we need to adequately showcase our talents.” Becoming an international DJ would be his dream job, but he has other passions as well.

He seeks to open a psychology practice where he can safeguard his community’s mental and physical health. He now works as an insurance agent, but is on the verge of transitioning to psychology and becoming an RBT. He looks forward to supporting kids on the autism spectrum.

He’s even set a goal to round out his DJ equipment and connect with other DJs, promoters, and artists within the next 12 months. He’d also like to travel and see the world, which would provide inspiration for his musical career and professional life.

Jay acknowledges that being Haitian has endowed him with a certain resilience and mental fortitude.

Does Being Haitian Inspire Him? What Would He Advise Young Haitians?

No matter what comes, he’s ready for it. His Haitian heritage has also helped him understand that there are opportunities everywhere. Using his skills and intellect, he will use these opportunities to improve himself and grow further.

Cultural appreciation, education, and unity are the three things that he would instill in the minds of the younger Haitian generation. He’s aware that Haiti can only improve through the collective efforts of its citizens and cultural awareness. This is what he seeks to achieve through his music: to bring Haitian culture to the world.

He wants the world to know that Haiti isn’t just a poverty-stricken island in the Caribbean. It’s also a place of enormous cultural wealth endowed with rich traditions, great music, delicious foods, and optimistic people. Over the years, Jalen has participated in several Haitian fundraising campaigns that support these causes.

You can reach him at “_djtremorjayy” on Instagram and at Janel TremorJayy Brannon on Facebook. He’s a young man with big dreams and a capacity for doing good that many could learn from. We’re sure that his skills and abilities will give him what he deserves!

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