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Embracing Haitian Culture with Fabyne Thegenus

By Alex Popa

Fabyne Thegenus was born in Miami, Florida, and currently lives in Las Vegas, NV. She’s a Haitian immigrant who suffered her fair share of cultural shock when she moved to the US. She says that in the US, “people are misinformed about the Haitian culture and the unity we embrace.” Fabyne is aware that when most people think about Haiti, they think of natural disasters and financial hardship.

But there’s far more to Haiti than that. Fabyne knows Haitian people are some of the most hardworking, relentless, and artistically-endowed people in the world. She’s a prime example of this. Most of the females in her family worked very hard to provide opportunities for the next generations, and she hopes to do the same for her daughter.

Fabyne works in the hospitality sector as a Front Desk Agent and a bottle girl at a local hookah lounge in Las Vegas. This isn’t her dream job, of course. She wants to get involved with the entertainment industry. Modeling, music, art, and anything related to these sound good to Fabyne. She did some modeling once and says it was very exciting.

She recognizes her Haitian heritage as heavily artistic is proud of it. Fabyne wants to impart this lesson to her daughter. Always moving forward, taking the initiative, and following her passions instill self-confidence in her. “If it’s working, then it has to be good,” she says. “This is one of the principles I follow, and it’s brought me a lot of good until now.”

In the last 12 months, she says she hasn’t accomplished anything spectacular other than achieving her personal goals. She does want to learn to be a better creator, create an apparel brand, and become a better person. There’s so much she needs to do, she says. She has no shortage of goals for the foreseeable future!

Fabyne Thegenus
Fabyne Thegenus

What Would She Teach the Young Generation of Haitians?

Fabyne advises young Haitians to use whatever resources are at their disposal to achieve success. “They have it much easier than I did when I was their age,” she says. “It’s easier to create professional avenues and broaden your perspective on the world.”

She also emphasizes the importance of unity and consistency. You need to remain constant with your goals, never give up, and accept advice when it suits your purposes. Fabyne believes that humbleness is important when you need to learn something and life is all about learning.

Fabyne works hard, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have fun. Dancing and music are great de-stressors for her. Free writing is one of her hobbies, one she wants to get better at in the future. She also admits that she has a knack for entertaining those around her and creating great memories alongside other people. This is why she believes the entertainment industry would be a great fit for her.

You can contact Fabyne Thegenus at “@fabynelove” on Instagram.

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