Transportation: What Are Your Options for Getting in-and-around when in Haiti?


By Raluca Velker + Photo by Jameson Thermitus

Availability and convenience of transportation plays a big part of any travel destination. And Haiti’s transportation system could seem as peculiar, if one does not plan ahead. If it’s your first time visiting Haiti, we’d suggest starting with transportation option #1 (hotel transportation) and option #2 on second or third visits, until you can graduate to getting in-and-around Haiti on your own.

Option #1 will be the courtesy shuttles or taxis provided by hotels or resorts. These are probably the most convenient types of transportation for you as a first time visitor. Call your chosen hotel/resort in advance to request courtesy transportation from the airport; preferably when making your reservation or at least a day or two before your visit.

“…courtesy shuttles or taxis provided by hotels or resorts… are probably the most convenient types of transportation for you as a first time visitor…”

If you are the more adventurous type and wish to get the pulse of the area where you’re spending your time, then don’t hesitate to use public transport, option #2. Buses are a great option that will not harm your vacation budget. But do be prepared, as buses in Haiti function by a different set of rules than you might have been accustomed to. If you’ll choose to use the buses to get to your destination, you need to do a little research and see what bus, and in which station, will take you there. Also, buses here do not work following a particular schedule, as the driver will wait for the vehicle to be full before leaving. Thus, you should be prepared to hang on a little. Still, it is a very picturesque way to get around and enjoy a time without measurement.

And finally, there is the car rental option #3. This is probably the most expensive transportation version in Haiti, and probably in any country. A valid driver’s license for this form of transportation is mandatory, and you’ll need to meet a few requirements and conditions set by the car rental companies: Avis, Hertz and Budget.