Maxim Laroche from HaitiUncut


@HaitiUncut from Haitian Photographer extraordinaire Maxim Laroche,

For as long as I can remember I have always had a camera. Whether it was a toy camera in my infancy, film cameras during high school and college and now digital photography, I have always seen life through a viewfinder. 

Photography and art run hand in hand in my family’s background and it is no surprise that I am continuing the legacy of those that came before me. 

I see life as glimpses and moments that need to be captured and preserved. Haiti and the world around us is changing rapidly which is why photography is so important to me.

“A picture can hold an entire legacy.”

The legacy of Haiti should not be left to mainstream media, which is why I started @HaitiUncut to show the beauty, resilience, and vibrancy of its astonishing landscapes, beaches, people, and culture.