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By Max V. Borieux

When in 2006, I launched the first business and financial news program, my goal was to get the listeners accustomed to the basic business concept. Today, more than a decade later, this half hour presentation, “The Daily Business Report” has come to establish itself as one of the premier business news in the airwaves of Radio Mega and other solicited media networks. And behind it all was Admax Servicing LLC,

As an entity, Admax quickly found how it was even more important to address on our reports so many questions that are consistently been raised by our clients. Our reports feature: The Worldwide Economic News, the Major Market indexes, the Real Time Value of the Currencies, including that of the Haitian Gourde, the US Monthly Job Report, the unemployment situation, and more…

When the American consumers are worried about the rising rates of inflation, the hiking of the interest rates, we as a community are concerned as well; when the activists or politicians elevate the debate of skyrocketing student tuition loans, insurance premiums, drugs prices, we are on board to shed the light; and when finally the stock markets fall, and thereby affecting our retirement accounts, we cannot ignore the impact. The truth of the matter is that we are part of the 70% of consumers driving the economic activities.

Admax built its reputation on trust and professionalism, then, after fifteen years in the tax preparation fields, we go beyond the tax-filing season to offer a year-round “tax practice”, assisting other clients in their bookkeeping needs, IRS audits, or other personal matter. These added services greatly help the Diaspora resolve other issues “lakay”. Haiti thrives for a permanent link and today we have Admax Connection.

Admax in Haiti is now the bridge for your Vital Records (Extrait des Archives of Birth, Death, Marriage, Judgments) and any other legal documents.

Leave us with the pain of maintaining your property in Haiti; we can be your trusted landlord for your rentals, the safekeeping of your land and even assisting in their sales transaction.

Are you petitioning for your loved ones in Haiti? We will assist them until they reach their final destination. We are in short a Broker firm, assisting public and private sectors alike in their purchasing needs whether in Haiti or abroad. Your purchase orders are carefully handled.

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