Sanddy Jean Louis



About the Contestant

Sanddy Jean Louis
Jacksonville, fl, United States
IG: youngsandgbr
Parents from: Port-de-paix
Interested in modeling, tv, film, or podcast.

Hello, my name is Sanddy. I was born in Port-de-Paix, Haiti but were partially raised here in the United States. Some of my interests/hobbies included but not limited to working out, doing what I do as a Technology Technician as well as making music to help inspire my beautiful culture. Aside from spending quality time with my family, I love to help out as much as I can in the Haitian community; either by advocating or assisting them with their financial services/education. Being in "Haiti Open" would not only provided me with the opportunity to reconnect with my roots but would also expose my services to those in our community who need them the most.


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